2006 Northwest Motorcycle Exhibit

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2005 Northwest Motorcycle Display

Sponsored by Griot's Garage and participating Northwest Motorcycle Businesses

What You'll See

Once again we've pulled together quite an eclectic collection of bikes for this year's Northwest Motorcycle Display during the Seattle Cycle World International Motorcycle Show presented by Toyota Trucks at Qwest Field and Event Center December 2nd through the 4th.

Special thanks to all the Sound RIDER! readers who submitted their bikes. The end result reflects the diversity among our readers and makes it obvious we don't publish to just one kind of rider. Sportbikes, sidecars, custom cruisers, dual sports, off-road and long-range runners will all be in the display.

We've never done this before, but we thought it might be fun to share some of the bikes that will be there before the show gets started – so here we go.

CBR600L Sidecar

When this CBR600 sportbike was born, little did it know its destiny would be to come face-to-face with - the dirt! The owner, Aaron Jennings of Moto International, tossed the stock seat and all the plastic, swapped out the pavement treads for knobbies, changed the forks and handlebar setup and fitted it with a Baja style headlight fixture. But wait, it gets better. With that inline four motor you know this would be an unwieldy beast off-road, particularly if it had to serve some single or two-track duty. Not a problem, Aaron is no stranger to the sidecar world and when you lay your eyes on this at the show it will be fitted with a custom sidecar and sub-frame built and installed by Dauntless Motors of Covington. Future champion of the 2006 Black Dog Enduro?

Kawasaki ZX11 Racing Sidecar

Unless you get to the race track, it's likely you'll never see a racing sidecar since they don't get much coverage on the motorsports channels. Racing sidecars are an entirely different beast from standard street-type sidecars. With a racing sidecar, the driver is often laying horizontally forward while the passenger, referred to as "the monkey" shifts their weight from side to side across the rear of the machine depending on the direction of the turn. This one is owned by Andy Moore, one of the top motorcycle mechanics in the Puget Sound. His monkey is none other than his pleasant girlfriend, Tamara.


GL1800 Iron Butt

Over the years, long-range riding has grown in popularity. Today's long-range runners are often loaded to the gills with every conceivable gadget known to modern day mankind. From GPSs to XM radios, auxiliary fuel cells and a plethora of accessory plugs, the weight of a full-blown Iron Butt machine escalates with each new add-on. So take a good look at this GL1800 and get familiar with all the possibilities. As if the Goldwing didn't already come stock with enough gadgetry.

These are just several of the many bikes we'll have in the display this year. You'll also get a chance to view some vintage Japanese and Italian fare, have a look at a custom painted Rocket III and see a number of adventure models.

Griot's Garage has agreed to be a primary sponsor of the display this year and will provide a swag bag with some detailing products to each of the participants. Griot's makes top-of-the-line detailing products for cars and motorcycles. Check them out at www.griotsgarage.com.

And a special thanks to each of the dealers and businesses below who are making it possible for the show to happen again this year through their sponsorship. Please be sure to let them know how you liked the display when you visit them in the future.

What else is going on at the Seattle Cycle World International Motorcycle Show presented by Toyota Trucks? A Lot!

  • BOSS Stunt Show - This year's International Motorcycle Show highlights include the exciting return of the BOSS Stunt Show. The BOSS team has a brand new show that includes gravity-defying stunts - including back flips - by extreme motorcycle riders on a 10' x 24' quarter pipe! This is one show feature you don't want to miss!

  • Interactive Game Experience – Play with 19 other people at a time.

  • Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts – Enjoy viewing classic bikes from the past.  Always some great stuff.

  • Kids Cycle Center – Check out all the great stuff for the young rider including apparel, bikes and more.

  • Ducati Monster Challenge Returns – Check out the one-of-a-kind Italian stallions.

  • Win a bike or truck – Enter to win a Suzuki Boulevard and a Toyota truck.  You also enter to win a bunch of other stuff  - too numerous to list here!!

  • Free Parking - Free covered parking at Qwest Field and Event Center if you ride your motorcycle!

  • Free Gear Check – Don't carry your riding gear around, check it at the free gear check area.

For more details visit www.motorcycleshows.com

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