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In 2011 Sound RIDER! was honored by the American Motorcyclist Association with their Top Road Event Organizer of the Year award. We step into 2012 with that acknowledgment, which represents more than 10 years of working hard to create the best motorcycle events in the Northwest. Our commitment is to keep making each event better and better, so be sure to join us for one or more as you plan your riding calendar.

Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour—April through September

For those of you not familiar with how a grand tour works, once you sign up you are provided with a list of target destinations you must ride to and document by way of a photo, receipt or otherwise. Getting there is certainly part of the fun as those who already do these events know.

Our Cafe to Cafe Grand tour sends you to 15 restaurants scattered across the Northwest. We use new locations as often as possible . In 2011 the grand tour carried a theme —'the end of the road'— with nearly every location being at the end of a road. For 2012 the theme is 'a few of our favorite things' . These are restaurants that we thoroughly enjoy regardless of how out of the way they are. And as always , we'll be providing some great road suggestions for you to play on going to and from the target destination.

Registration opens April 1st, and we'll remind you of that in the April newsletter.

Who should go?: A nyone who enjoys good food and good roads .
Go alongs: Need more targets? Add in a registration for the Dam Tour and create some even longer trips.

The Ultimate Road Trip: Washington's Back Roads - June 25-29

In 2005 , six moto journalists set off on a ride across Washington's secondary and tertiary backroads exploring the Cascades, the Columbia Basin, The Columbia River Gorge and more. In 2006 , articles appeared in a number of publications including Motorcycle Escape, American Cruiser and Rider magazine, each revealing a different interpretation of the five day road trip. For 2012 , we'll retrace the path they road and see what they saw as we take our annual Ultimate Road Trip Tour along these fantastic motorcycle roads. Need a good excuse to explore the ultra versatile geography and geology of Washington State ? Look no further. Registration opens in February .

Who should go?: Anyone who enjoys 200-300 mile days in the saddle while exploring the scenery, wonders and twisty less-traveled roads of a great state.
Go alongs: Bring a friend and rent them a motorcycle through TourUSA.us.

The 10th Annual Rally in the Gorge - August 1-5

Too many times we've heard people say "I know —I gotta get down to that rally one day, I've really been wanting to go for some time now." If you've never been, make this the year because we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary of this unique rally that focuses on s portbike, s port t ouring, d ual s port and m axi s coot enthusiasts. Since 2006, the rally have been sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association as a Signature event , and their Northwest regional rally event. It's got it all — good rides on great roads, informative guest speakers, the Maryhill Loops Road, a really fun Fun Run, good healthy food, a great community, fun evening events, a well stocked silent auction, plenty of door prizes and , of course, the bike barn. Registration opens in February.

Who should go?: Anyone with a sport bike, sport touring mount, dual sport ride or maxi scooter. Own more than one? We don't charge extra for you to park a trailer!
Go alongs: Guys—the rally dates follow the MotoGP at Laguna Seca the prior weekend. Add it to your itinerary home. Girls— the rally dates follow the AMA Women and Motorcycling conference in Carson City, Nevada the prior weekend. Make it your next stop.

Sasquatch Dual Sport Tour - August 20-24

The annual five day dual sport tour that takes riders across both paved and gravel roads throughout the Northwest in search of the elusive fuzzy beast. And have we ever seen him on the tour? 'When haven't we seen one!' is what any squatch veteran will tell ya.

Hold on to your hats for the 2012 tour. This year we're going east to ride the Idaho Bucket list. You might be saying to yourself—'what's in Idaho that should be on my bucket list?' How about the Seven Devils, Thev Sawtooths, the Chinese Wall, Magruder Corridor and the Lolo Motorway? You won't want to miss this fantastic week of riding and exploring places few other riders have been. Registration opens in March.

Northwest Motorcycle Display - December TBA

Our 12th annual Northwest Motorcycle Display is on track to be viewed in Seattle during the 2012 International Motorcycle Show. Will you have a great bike to share with the 40,000 attendees ? In September we'll call out for bike s through our newsletter that accompanies the publishing of this monthly online magazine.

Who should go?: Anyone who enjoys motorcycles, or think they may in the future.


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