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Sound RIDER! 2013 Events

Save the dates in 2013

Wow. Here we are, 14 years later, busier than ever. Over the last month we’ve had a lot of readers/riders inquiring about our 2013 event lineup so they can save the dates. We’ve nailed down the dates and the events, so here you go!

Cabin Fever Challenge - 12/21/2012 to 3/19/2013

Sure, we’ve got plenty going on in spring and summer. In the fall we're busy planning and preparing for the International Motorcycle Show. But what to do when winter comes? You’re stuck in your house, condo or apartment and you need to get out! And there are always a few days here and there of blue sky. So the challenge is to hit a cabin or two at a state park and enjoy a little winter touring. More details to come in the December issue of SR!

Café to Café Grand Tour – April 1 to September 30

Now in its 5th year! Sign up and you‘ll receive a list of 15 cafes scattered throughout the Northwest. The challenge is to visit every one of them. Riders who hit all 15 receive a unique framed award worthy of being placed on the wall at home, or maybe in the service area of your garage. Look for 15 all new cafes on the list this year; we rarely repeat any. But whether or not you hit all 15, the good news is you’ve got a list of tasty fun places to eat wherever you ride in the Northwest.

Road Trip 2013 – June 24 to 28

The Road Trip tour series takes on a new shape this year by adding a theme. We can’t tell you what the theme is for 2013 yet, but we can tell you this: it involves odditiesmany oddities—plus hot pools and some awesome paved roads that are way off the beaten path. Once we have the final details, you’ll see a headline on the  Sound RIDER! front page revealing all.

Photo: The ultimate sacrifice. Taking out the ride guide with a ball point pen on the altar at Stonehenge in Goldendale, Washington during the 2012 Road Trip tour.

The Rally in the Gorge – July 31 to August 4

We return to the Columbia River Gorge for 5 days, 4 nights and too much fun! It’s too soon to post a schedule and details, but you can be certain it’s packed full of great learning sessions, entertainment and stunning rides. We’re revamping the Friday/Saturday door prize format and Connie is already hard at work getting together great items for that as well as the silent auction. Thanks to everyone who provided valuable feedback following the 2012 event.

Sasquatch Dual Sport & Adventure Tour – August 19 to 23

Some say the 2012 Squatch tour may have been the best yet. Well … we’re gonna have to top it then! And TOP we will as we once again ride to the top of the world, Northwest style, and conquer the many terrains that abound in this great region. This year’s tour will explore parts of southeast and central Oregon including extinct volcanoes, a hot pool or two, some cool geology, the desert and the eastern reaches of the Cascades range. And we will find a Sasquatchbecause we always do!

Photo - Adjusting to the elevation at 10,000 feet above sea level along the 2012 Sasquatch route.

SR! NW MC Display at the International Motorcycle Show – December 13-15 (tentative)

13 years ago, we created one of the most popular reasons people visit the International Motorcycle Show each year in Seattlethe Northwest Motorcycle Display. You’ll be able to view some of the most unique motorcycles from all over the Northwest, and if you have one to show we want to know about it.

So there you have it. An action packed 2013 from the first month right up to the last. Choose your event or events, block out the time and we’ll see you there!

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