2016 Sound RIDER! Photo Contest Winners, 2017 Guidelines

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Sound RIDER! Photo Contest

2016 Winners, 2017 Guidelines

The results are in for the 2016 Sound RIDER! photo contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. If it didn't make the cut, remember there's always next year.

First the winners, and then we'll explain how it works in 2017.

Editor's Choice: 1st Place - David Fox

David's pic of a friend riding along SR 410 near Chinook Pass has all the markings of a pro-shot. The subject is tight, the depth of field has a nice blur to it, adding more to the subject, and all the snow around tells us this was probably shot around spring just after the pass opened.

David wins $100 cash or a Rally in the Gorge registration.

Editor's Choice: 2nd Place - Glen Comeaux

Glen shows up now and then with some great pics on social media and this one is right up there with his best stuff. But to get this shot, Glen had to go east, way east, because this pic was shot on the Tail of the Dragon.

Glen scores $50 in goods from the Sound RIDER! store.

Editor's Choice: 3rd Place - Chris Hunt

Chris's photo surfaced on social media in the fall. The photo of the two bikes in the snow tells the story of his adventure day out with Whitney Koeberle of Dirt Bike Safety Training, using those knobbie tires to the max. It's a bit inspiring too, as a lot of riders think they can't go ride in the snow. With the right set up and conditions, these two proved otherwise.

Chris scores $25 in goods from the Sound RIDER! store.

People's Choice - Andy Wade

Andy's photo also arrived on social media in the fall. Andy, and brother Vernon, can often be found riding the forest service roads around Mt. Hood even when the weather is chilly. With Mt. Adams in the background picking up the end of the day sunlight, this is the kind of photo one could use as a post card or better yet, a Christmas card.

Glen scores $100 in goods from the Sound RIDER! store.

Honorable Mention - Jeremy O'Brien

During his visit to the Rally in the Gorge last summer, Jeremy snapped this photo along what appears to be the Cook-Underwood Road. There's no doubt, the Gorge is one of the most scenic places to snap pics of bikes. Jeremy's use of a wide-angle lens sucks in the vastness of the Columbia River and a special appearance from Mt. Hood.

About this year's contest

While we got a fair number of photos in for this year's contest, in the end there weren't enough worthy pics to be awarded. Thus, we started searching social media for additional pics to round out the categories.

For 2017 we're going to offer two ways to enter. You can still email photos to us at SREditor@soundrider.com with the words "2017 Photo Contest" in the subject line. In October, we'll do a call-out for submissions like we did last year, in case you forget to get something to us.

In addition, we'll be maintaining a folder here of photos we come across on social media.

Classes and prizes will be determined at the time we select the images, with the goal to open up the classes beyond just a 1st, 2 nd and 3rd place. Instead, if someone sends us a dynamite club shot, we'll create a club class and so on. Then we'll take our prize budget and divvy it between the winners accordingly. As always, all photos submitted must have been shot during the current year.

SR!/February 2017

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