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Yamaha Motorcycles Street Event - Skagit Powersports


2017 Sound RIDER! Event Dates

Mark your calendar for good times ahead

Hoy-Hoy, 2017 will soon be here and riders and readers have been hounding us for our 2017 event dates.

If the moisture this fall is any indication of winter, we could see a light fire season next summer. Something we'd all welcome. But regardless, we've set the dates for our two main tours in May and June. Just to be sure.

All righty then, here's what we know so far.

Inland Northwest Motorcycle show, March 10-12

There's no motorcycle show in the Puget Sound this year, so it's time to head east and experience all the new models and gear in one location. We'll have a 10x10 booth space this year. Stop by and say hello to Tom & Connie. If there's something you need us to bring, email or call ahead so we have it there for you. We'll have some show specials including instant gratification and free shipping.

Café to Café Grand Tour, March - September

Always a favorite with long distance riders and those looking for new roads to ride, The Café to Café Grand tour introduces players to tasty eateries and tasty roads. And a grand tour it will be this year as we have come up with 15 regular locations and three bonus locations.

Road Trip GPS Tour, May 15-19

Speaking of exploring new roads, our Road Trip tours always reveal some nice locations. This year we're heading east for some riding through Idaho and Eastern Oregon, before the hot weather and fire season erupt.

Sasquatch Dual Sport GPS Adventure Tour, June 12-16

We're crafting up a nice tour that will be unique in providing new places for riders to explore off the beaten paths and off the BDRs. More route details will be available in the early spring as the planning continues into winter.

Rally in the Gorge, August 23-27

The beautiful county of Hood River will once again be the host to our 15th year of enjoying all the grand roads the Columbia River Gorge has to offer. We're already in the planning stages and have a few new twists for 2017. Stay tuned.

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