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2018 Sound RIDER! Events

Save the dates!

We must get through 2017, but we know many of you are already mapping out your 2018 motorcycle travel plans, so we've been busy here at moto central putting together our 2018 event dates. Here's the run down.

The 16th Annual Rally in the Gorge, August 22-26

This is our annual rally that features a schedule enjoyed by adventure, sport touring, dual sport and sport bike enthusiasts and includes on and off-pavement routes, complete with GPS track uploads when you arrive.

After making our way through the changes we dealt with in 2017, we're looking for a smooth ride back into the Hood River Fairgrounds and five days of great riding, seminars, fun events, good food and perfect motorcycling weather. We all deserve it! We'll have a satchel full of new and favorite pavement and off-pavement rides. For those dirt riders looking for more gnarly rides, we'll have a number of those as well.

The 13th Annual Sasquatch Dual Sport GPS Adventure Tour, June 11-15

The highly lauded 5-day tour for adventure and dual sport enthusiasts, we create fun, intriguing and sometimes challenging daily routes (with easy options) through the Pacific Northwest. Your excess luggage goes in our truck, so you can enjoy your time without all the weight on-board. Riders ride at their own pace, there are never large groups in one place at the same time. Your GPS does all the work to ensure you stay on the route.

In 2017 we toured the Olympic Peninsula. For 2018, we plan to explore the Oregon Cascades like never before, slipping in some great views and cool locations as the route progresses each day. Each day will feature a challenge section as an option for those who need to break a sweat on the route. Others can follow the easier track.

The 10th Annual Road Trip GPS Tour, May 21-25

Break out your road bike and come enjoy a collection of twisties that even have some locals wondering how they missed these paved wonders. Typical days are 200-300 miles and there's always something interesting to spend time with along the way.

Our 2017 tour explored the interior gems of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. For 2018 we're going to explore Central Oregon and it's many oddities. Expect plenty of corners and some surprises dealing with the weird, the strange and maybe even the paranormal. You won't be the same person when you get home and you'll wonder how it's possible to have so much fun over five days.

The 10th Annual Café to Café Grand Tour, March - September. Awards banquet follows October 13th

Riders can't seem to get enough of our annual grand tour that features some of the best restaurants in the Pacific Northwest in the least expected places. Riders hit the target locations at their leisure anytime between March and September and everyone has the shot at being a winner.

2017 was a record breaking event, with more than 100 riders participating. Some did the front 9, some did the back 9, and some played all 18. In 2018 we celebrate the 10th year for this event as we return to the familiar format of 15 locations scattered around the Pacific Northwest.

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