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2014 is the summer of fun

As a dealer, the challenge is always to do something that distances you from the competition. One of the best ways to do that is provide customers with events to get them riding and learning all they can about their bikes.

Bill and Edie Cameron have plenty of years of experience in that having opened their Skagit Powersports store back in 1992. In 1995, Bill hit a hole-in-one during a golf game in South Carolina, but more importantly he introduced his customers to the Monkey Butt 300 ride, leading them from his store to Winthrop and back over State Route 20, stopping for a barbeque lunch mid-way. The event has been an annual staple ever since.

In 1997, the dealership garnered its first Top 100 Dealer News award and collected twelve more before being retired to the hall of fame in 2010 when they rose to #1 Dealer of the Year in the United States.

The dealership has continued to grow, offering a number of Japanese and Euro lines. And with so many lines, the Camerons realized the need to connect with each customer, no matter what they ride. This year Skagit is offering a series of events that will cover all the bases from dual sport to sport bikes to cruisers and beyond.

Here’s the run down.

Adventure Corner and Events

With the continued growth in the dual sport and adventure riding markets, Skagit has built out a corner of the store to feature their OEM’s models and highlight aftermarket gear. A number of dual sport rides will occur throughout the summer beginning at the store and heading to Walker Valley, into the Cascades and otherwise.

Island Cruise - June 8

If you’ve never been off the beaten path on Whidbey Island, this is a great way to get a taste of what the island has to offer beyond SR 20 and SR 525. The ride starts at the store in the morning and returns late afternoon. All street bikes are welcome.

Festival of Raw Power - June 13-14

Two days of dyno runs during this annual open house will determine who the winner is in each applicable category including sport bike, cruiser, vintage and whatever the entries might evoke otherwise.

Star Touring and Riding - 1st and 3rd Saturdays

Skagit’s commitment to Yamaha’s Star Riders program means there will be a BBQ every first and third Saturday in the parking lot all summer long. Proceeds support the chapter and local charities.

Suzuki Demo Truck - June 27

It’s rare when it happens, but this year Suzuki is putting their demo truck on the road so riders will have a chance to experience various models from cruisers to sport bikes to dual sport and adventure models.

Get to know your bike day - June 15 & August 30

Bill Cameron has put on plenty of track days, but he’s learned there are more people who can learn from a track day than just sport riders, so he’s rebranded a track day to be a “Get to know your bike” day. All riders, regardless of what they ride can learn new skills and improve existing ones with the right instructors at the track. It’s not about how fast you can ride, it’s about becoming a better rider regardless of speed or bike type. Bring your cruiser, bring your dual sport or whatever type of road bike you want to bring.

Monkey Butt 300 – August 17

The annual out-and-back takes riders to Winthrop for a barbeque lunch and then back to the shop. Cameron guarantees the weather will be supreme!

In addition to these events, expect to see Skagit supporting local trials events, WMRRA race days, the Sasquatch Dual Sport tour and The Rally in the Gorge.

Visit the Skagit Powersports website for more details, start times and other information about each event.

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