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Get to know your bike day

Most newer motorcycle riders today have been through some sort of formal training.

Maybe it was to learn to ride and /or maybe it was to qualify for the MC endorsement on their driver's license. After that brief training, most riders go out into the world and cope as best they can, learning from experience. Experience that is hard to come by.

Skagit Powersports realized that, and now offers a series of "GET TO KNOW YOUR BIKE DAY" events designed to provide any motorcycle rider a safer, convenient way to learn how to ride their bike with more skill. Skagit Powersports rents Pacific Raceways (formerly SIR) and offers anyone on any bike a day of relaxed, fun riding on a safe, closed road course complete with corner workers. You will be assisted one-on-one by an instructor who will be there to help you learn about your bike in an enjoyable, controlled environment, riding with others in one of three skill groups per hour.

During the 40 minutes off the track, riders can talk and get tips from the experts, then go back out with them and practice what they just learned.

Ten years of experience has shown this event to be highly effective in increasing riders' skills and their confidence. The two "GET TO KNOW YOUR BIKE DAY" events this year are Saturday, July 15th and Saturday, September 9th.

There are two ways to go to the track. Riders can travel down to the event on a tour bus, leaving Skagit Powersports the morning of the school, getting their bike delivered down there in a semi-truck; or meet at Pacific Raceways at 7:30 a.m. Cost is between $200 and $250 for the day, and includes a delicious lunch and beverages.

This isn't a standard fare track-day. If you're looking for a great way to up your skills on a closed course with professional instructors, at a pace that works in your favor, this is a great option, regardless of what kind of bike you ride.

For more information, contact Bill or Jose at Skagit Powersports at 360-757-7999.

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