March Moto Madness in Washington State

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March Moto Madness

Washington riders create their own version here in the Pacific Northwest

They’re doing it in Spain. Taiwan. Japan. Tennessee, and yes, in Washington State as well.

March Moto Madness is an event that is being embraced around the world.

The roots of the event go back to 2006 when several moto friends in Tennessee conspired to get riding their dual sport and adventure bikes early in the season. Later, when the GS Giants, an affiliate of the BMWMOA, got into the act, similar events along the same concept started sprouting up.

In 2015, several Pacific Northwest riders secured a space at the Straddleline ORV Park and held their first annual gathering. That event featured mixed weather and a mud bog worthy of competition. One look at the Facebook page and you’ll see the fun all had playing in the dirt.

While the 2015 Washington event raised monies for Riders for Health, the 2016 event will change course and raise money for Veteran's Motorcycle Relief Project. More details about that are at :

Cost is $128 per person which includes two nights of camping and several meals. While the price sounds steep, keep in mind it’s a fundraiser. Day trippers should consult the event page if you want to try and work out a reduced rate, but why would you? It’s a fundraiser.

Of course, what do you do at night when you’re hanging around with a cluster of ADV guys and gals during the month of March in the Pacific Northwet? Keep warm of course. And to that end, be advised now, you have no idea what sort of antics will ensue around the campfire on the edge of the Capitol Forest. But it should be nothing less than entertaining, we’re told.

If your New Year’s resolution was to get out and ride EVERY month, this may be the event for March to add to your list.

More information is surfacing daily at:

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