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2017 Holiday Downtime Video Roll

Some years during The Rally in the Gorge, we pull together a collection of cool videos and show them on a selected evening.

But here it is December and, chances are, you're not out riding every free moment you get. So we've pieced together a special downtime video roll to watch over the holidays. It runs about two hours. A few things to know before you roll it.

  • It's best watched on a Smart TV or large screen. For some reason, YouTube delivers a better picture to these devices than if you watch it on a laptop or tablet.
  • Once you get it full screen and press play, ditch your remote. In a few cases, the authors will taunt you into watching more of their content and you'll drop out of the playlist if you watch another of theirs. Ditch the remote and be patient as it may seem like it's stalled, but it hasn't. Ditch the remote.
  • Be sure to watch it in the order it was created and not use the random play mode, because it won't make much sense at all if you do that.
  • The playlist is only up for the holidays, so take a moment to share the link below with others while they can get in to watch it.

The playlist is broken into 7 sections. Each section runs about 10-20 minutes. Here's a few highlights.

  • #1 Snow & Ice - There's quite a bit of action going on with motorcycles in the snow these days. You might be surprised at what you see.
  • #2 New for 2018 - A look at a few models that are coming in 2018, and a few that may or may not make it, but they exist.
  • #3 Vintage/Classic - From a failed jump in Yakima, to a moto museum in Idaho, there are a few things to learn as you work your way through this.
  • #4 Soichiro Honda - A brief documentary on one of the greatest minds our industry has ever known.
  • #5 Kids on Bikes - A short segment showing some real talent at a young age. The Mini Moto segment is amazing. You think it's fun watching MotoGP? Wait till you see this.
  • #6 Free Riding - Crazy stuff is going on all around the world.
  • #7 The Spirit of Munro - We splice together Indian's four-part series from their trip to the Salt Flats this past summer.

You can watch the playlist at:

Have a great holiday!

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