Washington State DOL Motorcycle Advisory Board meeting: 3/29/16 @ 6pm

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WA DOL Motorcycle Advisory Board meeting scheduled 3/29 in Seattle

The riding public is invited

Washington State operates an entire program at the DOL that represents Motorcyclists in the State of Washington. The advisory board represents the state's riding population to this program. In addition to the riding board members, there is also a member of law enforcement that sits on this board.

This is your chance to get to know this board and make your voice heard!

On March 29th, 2016 at 6pm the Moto Shed will be hosting the first Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board meeting of the year. The advisory board is hoping you’ll join join in so the board can hear what’s important to you when it comes to motorcycle safety, reducing fatalities in our state, and other motorcycle issues in Washington.

But it's not all straight talk here. There will be a few fun games to play, an update on current motorcycle legislation in the state, giveaways thanks to our evening’s sponsors, in addition to a lot of time for riders to tell the board what’s important to them.

So what is the advisory board and what is this department at the DOL you ask and what do they do?

About the advisory board:

The Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board was created by law, RCW 46.20.520, to help the states Motorcycle Safety Program develop motorcycle operator training programs, safety education, and outreach. They meet 4 times a year, and make recommendations for the administration, application, and substance of the motorcycle education and training program as necessary.

The board has 5 members:

  • 3 active motorcycle riders or people actively involved in a non-profit motorcycle organization that actively supports motorcycle safety.
  • 1 member of the Washington State Patrol with at least 5 years’ experience, and at least 1 years' experience as a motor officer.
  • 1 member of the general public.

Board members are appointed by the director of the Department of Licensing, and serve a 2-year term. They receive no compensation for services, except reimbursement for travel expenses while engaged in business of the board.

The Washington Motorcycle Safety Program at the DOL:
In 1982, in response to increasing motorcycle fatalities, the Washington Motorcycle Safety Program was established as a part of the Department of Licensing. It is tasked with reducing motorcycle fatalities in Washington by focusing in three areas:

1) Outreach to the community on issues of motorcycle safety and awareness

2) Providing for high quality and effective rider training throughout the state

3) Improved operator testing

The program, staffed with a manger, 3 technical specialists that work both in the office and in the field, and two administrative staff, is funded solely with motorcycle endorsement and renewal fees – with the majority of those fees going to subsidize motorcycle safety courses state-wide, conducted by 13 contracted training providers. The program staff conduct annual audits of each school, Quality Assurance Visits to team teach with instructors and collaborate on effective training methods, and initial and on-going training and professional development of the state’s 200+ instructor corps.

Additionally, the program conducts numerous outreach and information projects that include things such as the creation and maintenance of the State Motorcycle Operator Guide, presenting at event and conferences on the subject of motorcycle safety and awareness, as well as conducting outreach campaigns to promote motorcycle safety.

Recently, as a part of the outreach program, the program produced two award-winning training videos. These videos, “a Second Look” created to educate drivers on motorcycle awareness, and “Training is Everything” to encourage riders to take training have been seen world-wide by over 13 million viewers, and are used as standard curriculum for driver training both in Washington and many other states. The Washington motorcycle safety program also supports the licensing offices throughout the state on matters of motorcycle safety and endorsement. Last, but not least, the program develops, and works to continually improve, both knowledge and skills motorcycle endorsement tests.

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