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What’s Happening in the Pacific Northwest

A look at what's happening with local motorcycle businesses

Ducati Redmond - A Grand Opening

Redmond, Washington - Making the move north, Ducati Bellevue is now Ducati Redmond. With a brand new show room and spectacular gear selection, the glistening new facility officially opened for business on December 10th. Guiding the transition is longtime General Manager Mike MacConaghy, who reports that the move has been “Very well received” by the community. In addition to the dealership, directly next door, riders can also enjoy a cup of coffee at the motorcycle inspired “Noble Rush Cafe.”

MotoShed - At Your Service

Seattle, Washington - Approaching their first full year in business, MotoShed, a co-working motorcycle shop located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, has added a for-hire service department to their list of offerings. Joining owner John Lovin, lead mechanic Richie Miyazato heads the service team specializing in vintage bikes and restorations. Of course, if you prefer to do the wrenching yourself, a few membership slots are still open and, yes, Miyazato is available to advise.

Happy Trail - Bring Back the Shine

Boise, Idaho - After a few years of offering their rugged aluminum panniers in powdered-coated black only, the Happy Trail team has announced that their “bare” aluminum panniers are back! Designed and manufactured onsite in Boise, the adventure touring specialists offer their renowned hard luggage in a variety of sizes, with mounting kits available for all the most popular adventure touring and dual sport motorcycles.

See See KTM - From Coffee to Dirt

Portland, Oregon - Long a fixture of the PDX motorcycling scene, the ever popular “See See Motor Coffee Company” brand has expanded into the dealership business. Located just one block away from the cafe, See See KTM of Portland celebrated their grand opening on December 10th, offering the full lineup of KTM models, a comprehensive gear selection, and KTM service. General Manager and part owner Alexi Santorineos reports a swift first month of business, with many of the dirt-oriented models being of particular interest to area riders.

MotoCorsa Ducati - Business as Usual

Portland, Oregon - Completing a December deal, Gee Automotive Group, has taken over Ron Tonkin Dealerships, Including Portland's landmark, MotoCorsa. Early reports from the award-winning Ducati dealership report “business as usual,” a good sign for area riders and fans of the European brand.

Derek Roberts/January 2017

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