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Reality Check:  What is this Video Promoting?

When John Polnik and Bret Nielson debuted the trailer (requires the Real Audio G2 Player) for their upcoming Seattle Sport Bike video they noted that although WMRRA had done two videos previous, this was the first "extreme sports" video in its category for Seattle.  They also said "All of these maneuvers were done under controlled circumstances" whatever that means?  I call it irresponsible and here's 10 reasons why. 

  1. Operating a motorcycle at high speed around other motorists on a Washington State roadway is not doing so under a safe, "controlled circumstance."
  2. Riding a motorcycle anywhere in the state of Washington at 115+ m.p.h. on a state road is against the law unless the road has been officially closed using a permit and been done so by the proper authorities.  Riding a motorcycle at these high speeds is also finable at twice the standard rate.
  3. Obtaining a radar gun from a county sheriff for the specific use of clocking motorcycles at high speed for an upcoming video release, who are knowingly breaking the law is misuse of Government property and probable grounds for dismissal for the officer who provided the radar instrument.
  4. Crossing over a double yellow line to pass a vehicle is illegal.
  5. Smokey burnouts on city property without the proper permits is considered destruction of property and exhibition riding.
  6. Popping wheelies down a city street is considered exhibition riding and illegal.
  7. Passing cars on the right on the Alaskan Viaduct at high speed is unsafe, illegal and grounds for road rage penalties.
  8. It's illegal in the state of Washington to operate a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.
  9. It's illegal in the state of Washington to carry a passenger who is not wearing a helmet.
  10. While it's legal to ride in shorts and tank tops, it's suggested you bring along band aids just in case you need them later.

All this and more is featured in the upcoming video.  Call me a pussy for pointing all this out, call me un-cool too, but might this sort of irresponsibility have something to do with what's fueling the reckless driving that causes insurance rates to be higher than average on sport bikes?

It was mentioned during the preview that many dealers will be sponsoring the making of this video.  Are these the same dealers who sponsor MSF courses for riders that buy new bikes at their shops?  If so, give it a little thought before you write that check and please consult your attorney before you sign it.

I'd hate to see anyone get interested in Sport Bike riding based on the content of this video.  If you want to see exhibition riding and racing at it's best, you can do so 6 months of the year at SIR, or get the WMRRA videos for your pleasure at home.

Ted Knecht 


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