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Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club

Beginnings: Let's just say the club's beginnings are older than dirt, but if you need a number, it started in 1937 or 41, depending on who's tellin' the story. They once numbered over 100 including a woman's division and a stunt-and-drill team that rode white Harleys in the Seattle Seafair parade.

history: It's a long one of course. Years ago the club would meet at the Two Bells Tavern in Bell Town. Rumor has it the members were notorious for raising hell throughout downtown Seattle. But hey, it's just a rumor.

Some years ago, it was reported in the Seattle Times that it was the end for the Jolly Rogers, and it nearly was but somehow, the surviving membership brought the club back from the brink. Today they are over 70 strong and growing every month!

Photo: Flat Tracking in the old days.

Digs Then and Now: The club used to own a slab of property in Kent, back when Kent was nothing but dairy land and marshland. This property included a clubhouse, track and hill climb. Today they meet the second Wednesday of each month at Goldie's on Airport Way in Seattle at 7:00pm. There is also a monthly birthday party held up in the north end a few weeks after the monthly meeting. The Jolly Rogers are actively looking for a new clubhouse in the Seattle area.

Membership Today: You can join the club for $100. You will be vetted in front of the club, the Prez will ask for a vote from the galley and with a loud gutteral ARRRGGGHHH!!! you're in! This places you in a class above the rest, you are now a member of one of Washington's oldest motorcycle clubs. No one cares what type of bike you ride or how long you've been riding.

Rides: Happen pretty much every month during the riding season and several charity runs are done in the off-season. 2009 will be the year of rebirth for the club with new hill climbs and flat track events!

Colors: Oh yes – Black, white and red. Nifty club logo that has been around for years featuring, you guessed it, a wily pirate type.

Club Culture: Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. We ride. We ride long, we ride hard. Most of the members are lifetime riders, some of them don't even own a cage. It's not a lifestyle choice for a lot of them, it's a way of life... it IS their life.

Celebrity Members: Carmen Tom, founder of Downtown Harley-Davidson. Benny "The Legend" and Bob "The Great" Seymour. A number of members are also active Cossacks stunt riders.

Club Merchandise: Tee-shirts, patches, decals get back whips etc...

Website & Forum: Well done at

AMA Chartered: Yes

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