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Naked Bikes in Seattle

Where it's all about the ride

This first and only club for naked sportbikes and street fighters in the Seattle area was founded in August 2006 by Teresa Godfrey, out of her frustration with groups that only talk about riding and others that snub naked bikes for not being sportbikes.

NBIS is serious about riding, but it is also considered a fun meeting place for all motorcycle enthusiasts who love to see the engines of their sportbike and ride a lot. There is an organized ride every week that is usually 250+ miles and the group meets at various places, usually on a Wednesday evening once a month.

Are you ready to put on 3,000 miles a year with a club? To maintain status in the club members are required to ride at least 1000 miles with the group per quarter in the time between March and November. This way NBIS insures that everybody actually goes out and does what this group is meant for: riding. They must also organize and lead at least one or two rides per year themselves.

Unlike some of the other vest-wearing clubs, NBIS members show their colors not with a black leather but with a cool gray MotoGP vest. There are no initiation rituals to become a member, and more senior members don't have power over the most recent members. All that is needed is enthusiasm for motorcycling, participation in the group and a naked bike.

NBIS offers club discounts, a club vest, t-shirts and patches for purchase at cost, an annual mileage contest and a weekly fun ride. For people who love naked bikes, but cannot commit to a club with a mileage requirement or for people who want to get acquainted first, NBIS offers a "casual member" emails list: everybody on this list gets notified of the next ride that is open for friends and family of NBIS.

With the commitment that is required, this is not the club for people who do not have time to actively participate in a club structure or are looking for a group of bikers who just ride together every so often. At Naked Bikes in Seattle, everybody pitches in and cares enough to take an active part in the maintenance of the club.

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