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The Northwest's Chapter of Honda's Valkyrie Owners Association

Valkyrie owned by VERMIN club member Robert SandstromWhen Honda introduced the Valkyrie two years ago many felt this bike would move cruisers and touring bikes to a new level. Consumers voted with their money and today the Valkyrie is one of the best selling motorcycles in the Honda line. So how long would it take for clubs to develop? Not long at all and in Puget Sound it was just 18 months and a few bumpy experiences that brought the first local club for this machine about.

By chapter director Bob Bidwell

smlVm99.gif (20978 bytes) The VERMIN (or ValkyriE Riders and Members In the Northwest) started from humble beginnings. "Jmac" (John MacFarlane) and myself met on the GWRRA Special Interest Group Message Board in the spring of this year. At the time, there had been some discord concerning the status of the Valkyrie owners in the GWRRA as only being allowed "booster" status, rather than inducted as a full member to the GWRRA. Instead of becoming involved in the melee, John and I found each other sharing the same thought: "I just want to go ride with someone who owns a Valk too!!". We found that we lived less than 15 miles from each other and decided to put out the word for a visit to an ABATE Swap Meet in Enumclaw the following weekend. Only he and I showed was a pretty uneventful meet but John and I struck up an immediate friendship and decided to ride together again. 

On the way to the 1998 Oyster RunThis next time, we put out the word on the board again as well as posting flyers in the local Honda dealers. This time seven Valkyries on our first Vermin ride to LaConner, WA!! 

As time went on, we continued to post messages, post flyers at the dealers and stopped to talk to every Valkyrie we could find on the road!! And the group continued to grow...and grow..and grow!! We have had as many as 26 bikes at one time!!

When the Valkyrie Owners Association (VOA) was formed, it seemed natural to form our little group as a regional chapter of the organization. To date, we have ridden with every VOA member in the state of Washington, as well as most of the members in Oregon. We have organized rides to LaConner, Anacortes, Leavenworth, Winthrop, Marysville, Mt. St. Helens as well as ride-ins to the local "Oyster Run" and even a ride at the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota...and having a ball each and every time! 

Custom jacket owned by member Jessie SharpThrough it all, we have maintained one steadfast idea: just ride! To ride is our main goal and many lasting friendships have been formed because of it.

If there are any Valkyrie owners out there who would like to be included in one of our many runs, all they have to do is contact me or one of the other members listed on the "Members" list and we will give you the info for our next ride.

Believe me, there is nothing like riding with a bunch of Valkyries!! Come experience for yourself!!

Ride safe, fast, far and often!!

You can visit the VERMIN site at

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