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Women on Wheels®

A Sanctuary for NW Women Motorcyclists

Seems in every walk of life there is a sanctuary for women. Fortunately that includes motorcycling in Puget Sound as well!

Consider as an example The Evergreen Road Riders chapter of the International Women On Wheels (WOW) Motorcycle Club. The chapter serves Seattle and the Northern Puget Sound area. Women On Wheels was founded in California by an avid woman motorcyclist in 1982. It's purpose was (and still is) to unite all women motorcycle enthusiasts whether they ride their own machine, are motorcycle passengers or enthusiasts, or future motorcyclists. WOW members are located throughout the United States, Canada, and several other countries. WOW has over 2,500 members and is growing strong!

The only two things each member has in common is 1) they are all women, and 2) they all love motorcycles. They are nurses, teachers, school bus drivers, accountants, computer professionals, wives, mothers, grandmothers, partners, and every other role women play.

Evergreen Road Riders, the Seattle/Puget Sound Chapter usually meets on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the 112th Street Diner in Everett. WOW members have breakfast followed by a chapter meeting. The meetings are for women only, but Women on Wheels is a family-oriented organization and encourages family members to become involved through support membership for spouses/ significant others and child membership for future riders. When business is concluded, the group goes for a day ride such as to Deception Pass, Chuckanut Drive, or Canada. Throughout the year WOW holds special events such as camping trips, retreats, and holiday parties. WOW also participates in local charity rides. As the local chapter grows, they hope to be able to fund a charity event that is close to all of their hearts. 

Women on Wheels welcomes all women, driver or passenger, on any machine of any size. They currently have members on bikes ranging from 250cc to 1520cc. The group attracts interest and a lot of thumbs up while on rides, or at a  fund-raising events. WOW members experience the fun and excitement of riding together, supporting each other, socializing, sharing adventures, and helping special charities -- all while projecting a brighter image of motorcycling. 

Promoting a positive image of motorcyclists to the non-motorcycling public is a top priority. Women On Wheels was awarded the Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award in 1993, by the American Motorcyclist Association -- an honor they are especially proud of!

WOW also encourages women who are interested in riding to participate in courses offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation , and offers a mentor program for new riders.

The many benefits to WOW membership include the following:

  •  Plastic membership card
  •  Membership pin, patch, and helmet decal
  •  Courtesy cards
  •  Bumper and windshield stickers
  •  Annual member service directory
  •  Club discounts offered by some organizations in the motorcycle industry
  •  Subscription to the Women On Wheels® bi-monthly magazine
  •  Annual mileage contest
  •  Individual cumulative mileage recognition program
  •  Recruiter credits

Membership in Women On Wheels is a great value for an investment of only $30 (US) per year. Sign up for more than one year at a time and get a reduced rate. Support membership is $15 per year - an excellent choice when you have someone else in the household belonging to WOW but you only want to get one copy of the magazine. Child membership is $10 per year. VISA and Mastercard are accepted!

More information is available at http://www.evergreenroadriders.org and http://www.womenonwheels.org .

Special thanks to Dawn Johnson for her help in assembling the content for this story.

Tom Mehren

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