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Gordon's Heated Clothing

New gear from an old friend

In 1975 Gordon Gerbing was creating aircraft parts as a sub-contractor to the military. His workers rode motorcycles into work each day and there were many a cold day when they'd appear with blue lips. So Gordon decided he'd create a rig using flexible heating wire from electric blankets, running it through the young workers clothes. Thus, the first Gerbing heated clothes were born.

Gordon went on to become a substantial player in heated clothing for the Powersports market. In 2001, after a stroke, Gordon let go of the reins. Eventually the company was sold off to a capital investment group, which focused their efforts away from the Powersports industry.

Then in 2014, Gordon and several of his kids and their kids crafted a plan to reignite his name in the Powersports industry, creating Gordon's Heated Clothing.

Gordon's son Bob and his wife JoAnn, are on the front lines steering the company in a new direction. Taking it one step at a time, they are slowly developing new gear and this year are offering heated gloves and a heated liner for jackets.

As part of that one step at a time, they offer their products online and in person from their location in Port Orchard. A dealer network may come later, but at present nothing is in the works.

Since Bob spent many years handling customer support and warranty repair for the legacy line, he has since chosen to produce the new line of gear exclusively in America. And close to home at that. The jacket liners are produced in Seattle, gloves are built in Centralia and the new and improved thermostats are built in Hillsboro, Oregon.

JoAnn is presently working with a former seamstress to create the patterns for heated pant liners that may arrive later this year. Down the line something will be developed for the feet, but it's one step at a time.

The family is pleased to be producing 100% of the new line in the US and has thus instituted a lifetime warranty, confident in the quality they're putting out.

The technology used in the heating elements takes it beyond previous companies offerings utilizing the latest development in high performance carbon fiber wire technology that have only recently surfaced.

Gloves are available in black, but if that doesn't do it for you, there are 12 additional colors to choose from so you'll be sure you're going in style, your way.

For more information, visit the Gordon's Heated Clothing site at www.gordonsheated.com. You can stay up to date by joining the mailing list there and liking their Facebook page as well.

SR/October 2015

You can listen to our live interview with Bob and JoAnn Gerbing on the October 2015 Sound RIDER! Show.

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