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Product Review: Ventura Light Guards

Because $300 module replacements hurt!

This may sound like a sales pitch but it ain't. It's really about rock or better yet, about rocks. Not your Little Richard, Allen Freed or Bill Haley rock but real rocks invented by The Big Kahuna in The Sky. The really hard rocks that bust out headlight modules in bikes. True, The Big Kahuna works in mysterious ways and I'm sure this is not in the master plan, but stuff happens.

A couple of stats. Yep, I know... stats are boring, but less so than boring a hole in your wallet or purse if so inclined.

One headlight module for "Ol Trusty," me 91 Honda VFR. $198.49 online plus shipping, handling, tax and more than likely a couple of new bulbs for another forty bucks a pop each. Yamaha 600? Even more. SOS for $166.00. $275.00 for a Gixxer and at least one for the snowmobile tyros at a whopping four hundred bucks.

An easy fix for the mechanically un-challenged, or you can run your favorite now visually challenged ride to the nearest dealer and hang out in the "You gotta have this to be cool" part of the joint, and wait and pray to The Big Kahuna that you get it back before Christmas and before one of those stick on Dayglo Mohawk skidlid things catches your fancy.

The fix? A chunk of plastic molded specifically for your bikes head light and a handful of Velcro stickys from Ventura. Same one on "Ol Trusty" for about seventeen years and nary a ding. OK, I did replace the Velcro a couple of times. Big deal!

Do I work for Ventura? Nope. Tell ya what though, good stuff is good stuff and for the bucks and the insurance this is good stuff.

To get a light guard visit the Ventura website or call Amy at 425-771-2115

Lightning/Summer 2008

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