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When I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, back in 2007, I attended a yearly regional motorcycle show that featured lots of the local bike dealerships and vendors of motorcycle wares from around the south eastern US. While making my rounds through the booths, I discovered a retailer of small electronic clocks designed specifically for motorcycles called Clocks4Bikes, run by owners Ross and Linda Harjes. The clock was mounted in a very attractive chrome housing, and came with a chrome bracket that was individually slotted for different handlebar widths. An o-ring around the outside of the clock used friction to hold the timepiece in the mounting bracket. The model I studied had a white face with black numerals and analog style hour, minute and second sweep hands. The 'EL' (for electric light) model clock features a large button below the clock face (good for gloved hands) that activates a light that remains on for three seconds, long enough to see the time when riding at night. I asked Ross a few questions, and was informed that the clock was powered by standard watch batteries that would last several years before needing replacement, and that a typical watch repair store should be able to change the batteries.

At the time of the show, I had only recently purchased my very retro looking Honda Aero 1100. The bike's speedometer had a white face with black mph indications (in keeping with its retro style) and the look of the clock was a good match. The face of the clock was about an inch in diameter - large enough to be easily read but small enough to fit unobtrusively with other gauges and indictors. So I bought the timepiece, mounted it on my handlebar, and it looked like a stock accessory on the bike. Over the four years its been on my motorcycle I have gotten many complements on it, and it has always kept perfect time.

About three weeks ago, after four years on the bike, the clock stopped - it was time for a new battery. I considered calling watch repair stores in my area, but then thought to contact Clocks4Bikes ( first to see if they replaced batteries and at what cost, figuring that the maker of the clock would be more familiar with their own product than a standard watch repairer would be, and if possible, I would rather have them do the replacement.

So I sent them an email and got a response back from Linda Harjes the next day, saying that they would be glad to replace the battery for free. I responded back saying that I would be glad to pay for the battery but they politely declined again, saying it would be their pleasure to change the battery at no charge.

So I packaged the clock, along with the friction o-ring which had split over time (but still worked) and shipped it from the Seattle suburb where I live to the Clocks4Bikes shop location in Mississippi. Three days later I got an email saying my clock had been repaired and shipped back, with not only a new battery for the timepiece, but a new battery for the light, and a new o-ring as well - all at no charge. The next day, I received the clock in the mail and all was as promised, and not only that, it was accurately set to Pacific Coast time.

Now, if you are going to have a good experience with a vendor, that's about as good an experience as you can have. Linda and Ron Harjes at Clocks4Bikes are friendly, helpful and not only exceeded my expectations in every way, but did it all quickly and competently. In short, they are customer service "rock stars" and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to put a classy and reliable timepiece on their motorcycle.

Philip Buonpastore/Summer 11

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