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The solution to quick drying your gear

You know the deal. You're out riding your bike and it rains. If you hadn't been using a waterproof product such as Nikwax , the next thing you know your boots, gloves, pants and jacket are soaked. Or, suppose you had your helmet locked to the side of your bike and it rained while you were away. Now you've got a soaked helmet.

Without drying your gear out quickly, it's likely you're going to encounter mildew to a degree, and that degree will depend on how warm it is where you dry your gear. Room temperatures during the fall and winter can mean it will take several days.

Enter Dryzone.

Dryzone inserts are manufactured using Dampire technology, and contain thousands of powerful, hygroscopic crystals. When placed in damp or wet gear, moisture is absorbed and "locked" into the crystals, preventing mold, rot and unpleasant odors. Thorough drying improves insulation and also kills bacteria and fungal spores, reducing the risk of infections.

While it's true that some garments you could toss in the dryer, others you cannot - such as your helmet, boots, leathers or a tank bag. Dryzones are effective without heat and are therefore strongly recommended for drying leather and other heat-sensitive materials.

We've been testing the product since late summer and have found it's usefulness to go beyond just motorcycle gear. A nice dealer jacket that required a drip dry method for cleaning would never have dried in November before the dreaded mildew odor came stanking out. But the Dryzone inserts placed over the wet areas insured the jacket would dry quickly and without odor.

Of course the inserts' capacity is limited. Once they've done their job they are filled with moisture. To remove the moisture you place the inserts into a microwave for four minutes. They come out steaming and you let them rest and continue their steaming process until they cool and dry. Then they're ready to do their work all over again.

At $25 for two inserts the convenience of being able to ride the next day dry surely exceeds the cost of the product.

Dryzone inserts can be purchased through the Sound RIDER! store

PT/Fall 04

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