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DVD Reviews

Dust to Glory & Long Way Round

Staying inside during the cooler months means stocking up on some good moto videos. This year two were released that make great entertainment. Read the reviews, Answer the trivia questions and you just may win a copy of Long Way Round on DVD.

Dust to Glory

Film maker Dana Brown has created the essential documentary of one of the world's toughest off-road races – The Baja 1000. Browns attempts in the 80's to make movies following in his father's footsteps (Bruce Brown aka Mr. On Any Sunday) were ill-fated and you wondered if he'd ever come up with anything comparable to great movies his dad mad. Then he released his own surf classic in 2003, Step Into Liquid, and it was apparent that he was on his way to making top grade documentaries. With the release of Dust to Glory Dana Brown now steps into his fathers shoes and provides the viewer with a integral look into the worlds greatest desert race. It's all captured from both the motorcycles to the four wheelers and Brown ventures even further into the event covering vintage and women's classes. It's all here – the sights, the sounds, the nights and the towns of a race that has endured four decades.

DVD $24.95 Available from better dealers and online at the Sound RIDER! Store

Long Way Around

World touring enthusiasts watched last year as Bravo presented the saga of Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor as they toured around the Northern Hemisphere on BMW motorcycles. Whether you missed it or not, you won't want to be without this two DVD set that includes the entire broadcast as well as additional footage. All seven episodes and 21 chapters are included here for a ridiculous price of only $19.95. You'll join the pair as they tour their way through the middle east, into Mongolia, up Russia's Road of Bones, into Alaska and eventually into New York. While it's unlikely most of us will ever take such a journey, we can enjoy their with this great documentary.

DVD $19.95 Available from better dealers and online at the Sound RIDER! Store

Enter to win one of five DVD copies of the Long Way Round.

Take the trivia quiz below and if you get all five questions correct you'll be entered to win one of five promotional copies of the Long Way Round. You may need to use the internet a bit or consult a knowing friend to find the answers. Ready?

  1. Dana Brown's father, Bruce Brown, is most famous for creating the movies Endless Summer and On Any Sunday . Did Bruce Brown ever make a film about the Baja 1000 himself and if so what year was it released?
  2. In Long Way Round Charley and Ewan ride BMW motorcycles. Their cameraman also rode a BMW. At any point in the movie, did the cameraman ever switch to another bike and why?
  3. Name the documentary about motorcycle riding Dana Brown pieced together and used text titling to narrate.
  4. What movie did Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor star in together in 1997?
  5. True or false? Charley and Ewan visited the set of Orange County Choppers during the making of Long Way Round and also assisted Dana Brown with the final production of Dust to Glory when they rode into Northern California along their journey.

Archived from December of 2005

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