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Tour FHH Gloves

Built for your heated handgrips

With a name like Racer, one might assume that the Austrian moto gear manufacturer only makes equipment for those headed to the track. Look closer though and you'll find a lineup of products, perhaps inspired by the neighboring Bavarian Alps, that are well equipped for touring and dual sport adventures.

Here stateside, the brand's gloves are exclusively distributed by longtime moto industry ambassador Lee Block and his company Racer Gloves USA.

"The best fitting gloves you can buy, that's my tagline," Lee told me by phone from his company's headquarters just south of San Jose, California. Adding that when riders reach out to him via his website (www.racerglovesusa.com), he always goes the extra mile in trying to help customers find the perfect pair. "I'm a rider and a former motorcycle racer," he says, "So I try to put a lot of personal experience in there."

Also an avid dual sporter, Block will be relocating his company to Bend, Oregon, later this spring and knows well the great riding and variable weather to be found here in the Pacific Northwest. "I have a lot of friends up there," he says of the pending move. "I think that I'm really going to like it."

Which, in part, is probably why he suggested that I try out the Tour FHH for an extended mid- winter test and review. A full-length, gauntlet style, waterproof touring glove, on paper the specs looked perfect for the expected conditions one would see here throughout the colder months.

After many miles and several chilly riding days, I came away with the following impressions.

Style and Design

The Tour FHH is a mid-weight model designed specifically for use with heated grips (FHH = "For Heated Handgrips"). Allowing the transfer of warmth via a thinner palm, the more heavily-insulated top traps the heat and creates a comfortable ride that, when properly equipped, can serve the rider well when temperatures sink into the 30s and 40s.

Because of the gloves intent for use with outside heat, its thinner build offers a natural grip feel and great finger dexterity that is exceedingly comfortable when operating the clutch in heavy traffic or more challenging conditions.

Also included is a touch-screen-enabled index finger that, while not award winning, is functional in accessing one's phone or GPS.


Targeted primarily for touring, it's clear that the emphasis of this glove is comfort and weather resistance. The goatskin leather palm offers a high degree of abrasion resistance, but additional padding on the grip side is limited to the heaviest impact zone, opposite to the base of the thumb. Top side, well-proportioned gel inserts cover the knuckles and the backs of the fingers.

Wind and Rain

Days of riding here in the Pacific Northwest, encountered only light rain to which the glove predictably held up well. Fortunate to have so many nice days mid-winter, testing turned to the "rain-o-matic" (the bathroom shower) to simulate absurdly heavy downpours that one might encounter while traversing the countryside. Repeated direct bursts, followed by 10 minutes of submersion and the waterproof membrane held true with no leaks or signs of moisture.

Back on the bike in low 40-degree temperatures and it's fair to say that without hand-guards or heated grips, this would be at the bottom end of the glove's capability. Jaunts of 30-45 minutes in the city and a rider will probably remain comfortable, but for longer touring treks the addition of heat would be recommended, as is the case with any glove on the market.

For projected spring and summer time use, it would be easy for this glove to find a spot in one's regular lineup. The addition of a thin glove liner (I use merino wool) would likely make it viable with temperatures into the 50s and given constant airflow the pair will probably work well up to reasonably warm temperatures, before things get "hot."

Best Use

At a retail price of $109.99, the Tour FHH is a high-quality option for year-round riders whose bikes are equipped with heated grips or for those just interested in warmer weather, three-season touring. With a solid build quality and reliable waterproofing, it's an overall excellent choice for riding here in the Pacific Northwest.

Derek Roberts/April 2018

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