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Would you like that in Hi-Viz?

Be seen. That is, of course, important to do when you’re riding a motorcycle. Dress in bright colors. Right. They’ve been telling us that ever since our first motorcycle training class.

Well, today you can do all that and probably cause a bit of glare, there are so many ways to do it.

Ten years ago there were few Hi-Viz products on the market. Short of buying a safety vest, the majority of gear was black, silver and now and then blue or red. Then First Gear struck with the remarkable Kilimanjaro jacket in bright yellow. But it faded out like a neon sign. The pigments faded over time, and the jacket lost its luster.

Fast forward to now. There’s no end to the Hi-Viz gear on the market. Helmets, jackets, gloves and now even luggage is available in Hi-Viz. Let’s take a look at some other options.

Olympia Motorsports Clothing

One of the first in the market with true Hi-Viz, Olympia Motorsports quickly became a market leader in the color game. They licensed the glove manufacturer's name, then landed on the scene several years back with a full lineup of Hi-Viz offerings. Today they make jackets and full suits in Hi Viz, including all-season vented gear and mesh.

Aerostich Darien and Road Crafter Gear

No doubt Aerostich was the first to produce a bright yellow suit. But like the Kilimanjaro jacket previously mentioned, it too faded. Then they tried a Fluorescent Hi-Viz Yellow that made anyone wearing it look more like a Teletubby than a motorcyclist. The initial lots had color fading issues and were all recalled. Today Aerostich uses a bright yellow closer to the original they started with but with better pigment holding power over time.

Olympia Sport Gloves

It was good for the licensee, so Olympia Gloves began producing Hi-Viz motorcycle gloves to marry with their jacket and suit counter parts. Both the Reflector and Cold Throttle models utilize the color. Unfortunately, Olympia falls one step short by not using Gortex for the waterproof membrane on the Cold Throttle model, and if you've owned Olympia Gloves you know that can mean a wet leaky ride... For Gortex, you'll want the Olympia All Season model which is available only in black.

Shoei & Arai get in the act

Might as well add a nice florescent Hi-Viz yellow to your gear lineup while you’re at it. Both Shoei and Arai offer a number of their models in the color. Even certain dual sport models are available, making it easier for friends and family to locate you when you wander off into the snow.

If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced your helmet, now might be a good time. Most helmets have a general lifespan of 3-7 years. 'The more you spend the longer it lasts' is the general rule of thumb here.

The vest alternative

First Gear and Icon all offer Hi-Viz vests, with the last two being available in Mil Spec models. If you’re not in the mood for replacing your entire jacket or suit to Hi-Viz, but do want to light things up a bit, a vest has always been a good alternative. Keep in mind the actual coverage from all angles is less than it appears.

The case for Hi-Viz luggage too?

That's right, you can get luggage in Hi-Viz now as well. On the pricey side, Aerostich provides a few items such as tank panniers and carrier bags. A new company, Cycle Case, is entering the market with a full lineup of tank, saddle and tail bags available in both black or Hi-Viv.

Other pleasures

If you have a sleep walking issue and want other riders at the campsite to be well aware of it, Calvin Klein has got you covered. This might also make for proper attire if you’re trying to be seen while working your way from the center of town to the mud wrestling hole during Sturgis.

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