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Race Report: Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association Sounds of the Past weekend, Pacific Raceways August 8/9, 2009

The August 8/9 round of WMRRA racing at Pacific Raceways hosted the annual Sounds of the Past Vintage racing series. Vintage racers turned out in force, traveling from as far away as California and Canada to participate in the annual event. Formula 160 class bikes made up 26 of the approximately 33 vintage entries.

Group W Racing/Bateman Race Engineering sponsored development rider Tim O'Mahony who dropped the F-160 lap record several times with the mighty Honda CBR175RR over the weekend while battling with Canadian rider Mick Hart who also broke the lap record several times over the weekend. In the end, Tim O'Mahony walked away from the weekend the record holder at 1:55.508, racing on Bridgestone BT39SS tires with newly installed YSS shock absorbers.

Congratulations go out to Group W Racing/Bateman Race Engineering guest rider Aaron Frank of Motorcyclist Magazine. Aaron was fast all weekend, constantly improving his times and learning rather quickly how to go fast on the challenging F-160 bikes. Aaron achieved the first race win of his career in Sunday's first F-160 heat race, barely getting pipped at the line in the second heat race by BRE sponsored rider Mike Polkaba, who took second to Aaron in the morning heat. With that result, Mike Polkaba ended up the overall winner in Formula 160 on Sunday, with Aaron taking an overall second place finish and silver medal for the weekend.

This weekend also marked the return to racing for Group W Racing co-founder and Bateman Race Engineering owner Michael Bateman. Michael did well, earning several podium finishes in the weekend's many races, improving his times and learning how to ride on the fantastic Bridgestone tires now being raced on by every one of the F-160 competitors, as well as adjusting to his new Glass from the Past fairing and newly assembled 175 engine.

Blame it on this guy? Tim Fowler (above) was one of the pioneers of CB160/175 racing in the Northwest and continues to race today.

Many other Group W Racing /Bateman Race Engineering member and/or sponsored riders did well for the weekend, including sweeping the 500 vintage podium with F-160 class bikes.

In addition, a fantastic barbeque was sponsored and hosted Saturday evening at the track by Group W Racing's Marcea Kato.

The weekend turned out a complete success and a good time was had by all who were there.

Many thanks to everyone involved, including: Les Barker of The Vintage Advantage/Little Engine Service (engine parts, advice, service), Glass from the Past (fairings and bellypans), YSS Shock Absorbers, Troy at Pennell Powersports (Bridgestone Tires and service), Twinline Motorcycles (class sponsorship), The California Contingent and travelling circus, Marcea Kato, the racing talents of Mick Hart, Aaron Frank, Motorcyclist Magazine, Peter Hirtle/Puget Sound Greyhound Adoption (race sponsorship), South End Motorcycle, Scott Dau (fantastic vinyl), Smarty Pants, Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association, Pacific Raceways and the vast empire of Tim Fowler, Esquire.

Results for various Group W Racing/Bateman Race Engineering riders:

Sounds of the Past Puget Sound Greyhound Association Formula 160
(Lemans start endurance race)

1. Tim O'Mahony (Hon CL175)
2. Mick Hart (Hon CB160)
3. Thomas Deem (Hon CB175)
4. Michael Bateman (Hon CB175)
5. Joel Crabtree (Hon CB160)
6. Aaron Frank (Hon CB175)
7. Troy Knapp (Hon CB175)
10. Todd Kalimar (Hon CB160)
12. Mike Polkaba (Hon CB175)
13. Wallace "Mike" Riddle (Hon CB175)
14. Mark Etheridge (Hon CL175)
16. Don Marr (Hon CB160)
17. Arash Nadershahi (Hon CB160)
18. Tim "Fats" Fowler (Hon CB160)
22. Ian Johnston (Hon CL175)

Sounds of the Past 250 Vintage
1. Tim O'Mahony (Hon CL175)
2. Mick Hart (Hon CB160)
3. Thomas Deem (Hon CB175)
4. Michael Bateman (Hon CB175)
5. Michael Polkaba (Hon CB160)
7. Troy Knapp (Hon CB175)
8. Joel Crabtree (Hon CB160)
9. Mark Etheridge (Hon CL175)
10. Arash Nadershahi (Hon CB160)
11. Tim "Fats" Fowler (Hon CB160)
13. Don Marr (Hon CB160)
15. Ian Johnston (Hon CL175)

Sounds of the Past 500 Vintage
(combined results)

1. Tim O'Mahony (Hon CL175)
2. Mick Hart (Hon CB160)
3. Michael Bateman (Hon CB175)
5. Michael Polkaba (Hon CB160)
6. Arash Nadershahi (Hon CL160)
7. Mark Etheridge (Hon CL175)
8. Tim "Fats" Fowler (Hon CB160)
9. Don Marr (Hon CB160)
10. Aaron Frank (Hon CB175)
18. Ian Johnston (Hon CL175)

Twinline Motorcycle 160 Vintage
(combined results)

1. Michael Polkaba (Hon CB160)
2. Aaron Frank (Hon CB175)
3. Tim O'Mahony (Hon CL175)
4. Thomas Deem (Hon CB175)
5. Wallace Riddle (Hon CB175)
6. Troy Knapp (Hon CB160)
7. Mark Etheridge (Hon CL175)
8. Todd Kalimar (Hon CB160)
10. Arash Nadershahi (Hon CL160)
12. Michael Bateman (Hon CB175)
13. Tim "Fats" Fowler (Hon CB160)
14. Ian Johnston (Hon CL175)
19. Don Marr (Hon CB160)

Complete results are available at

Race Report courtesy of Bateman Engineering

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