Monte Christo Super 8

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Monte Christo Super 8

90 miles, 4 hours and TOO MUCH FUN!


Editor's note: These are the ride notes from the 2018 Rally in the Gorge, reprinted for your motoring pleasure. Enjoy.

The forested areas north of the Columbia River in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest were once home to a bustling timber industry. The last log flume in America was located here, taking logs from the underwood area down to Drano Lake 600 feet below on the Columbia. Search for Broughton Log Flume on YouTube and you'll find several clips, one a documentary and two that feature famous TV animals from the 1960s. Something for you to think about as you ride this awesome route.

While Charlie and Lassie are long gone, as is the log flume, we've got ice caves, natural bridges and a stunning view of Mt. Adams in store for you.

Some years ago we had a version of this ride. Turns out the Forest Service has done very little maintenance on these roads since, so they just get a little more challenging as time goes by. And to many of our riders, that’s a welcome topography. For this year’s version, we’ve lengthened the ride to include a ride up to the top of Nester Peak, an old fire lookout that was retired some time ago. If it’s raining, be sure to pack your lightening rod.

Get started by crossing the Hood River Bridge into Washington and turn left on SR14. Just before the White Salmon River, turn right and follow the route up SR 141-alt, then go left on SR 141. The next move is a left onto Northwestern Lake, then follow the route into the woods and up the hill where eventually there will be a marked turnoff for Nestor Peak. Ride it in as far as you’re comfortable. The last section is a tad gnarly. One option is to park your bike and walk to the top, where you see the white cinderblock wall. Enjoy views of both Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood from here. We note that your GPS route only goes so far but continuing on the obvious path will get you there.

Map: A larger image of this map can be had by copying it to your desktop with a right-click of your mouse.

Return back to the junction and continue making your way northwest, onto the pavement a short spell and then connect back with the dirt onto FS 1840. Up you go until the road connects to FS 86. Ride left and then right on FS 6610. Head down the hill and follow the route to the lava floor. A visit to the Natural Bridges is nice, then over to the Ice Caves for another look at what’s going on in this area geologically today.

The route continues into Trout Lake where gas and food are available.

The return route takes you back up onto the Monte Christo ridge along FS 86. At one point there is a stunning view of Mt. Adams, then down you go. You’ll experience a little déjà vu here since you’ve already ridden this section earlier, only now continue straight down FS 86 and follow the route around along the Cook-Underwood Road for a few nice views of the Columbia River.

SR!/September 2018

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