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Mowich Lake Dual Sport Ride

Located on the north side of Mt. Rainier, Mowich Lake is a simple ride that is great for beginning riders.

Along the way you'll be rewarded with stunning close-up views of the mountain and a serene lake at which to stop and have lunch or take an easy hike around before heading back down to civilization. There are several places to explore on the way back as well, including the Evans ORV area and the upper reaches of the Carbon River.

Begin by departing Buckley south on SR 165. Pass through Wilkeson and then Carbonado, which is your last chance for fuel and food. Continue south on the road. When it splits, stay to the right. Shortly after that, the road will turn to gravel. As the road winds east, you will pass through the Mt. Rainier National Park boundary where a National Park pass will be required. You can pick one up when you enter by paying a fee if you don't already have an annual pass. Proceed along the gravel and note that the mountain is getting very big here. Eventually you will reach the parking area where you can stop for a break.

For the return trip, you have a few options. When you exit the NP boundary you will see FS 7930 on your right. This road will take you into the Evans Creek ORV area where you can work on your single and two track skills along with other riders and 4 x 4s. Or you can continue back to the split in the road and ride east along the Carbon River. Varying flood conditions on any given year will determine what roads in the area are available for exploring. If you can cross the bridge to FS 7810, it's worth a ride up the hill for another great view of Mt. Rainier.

This ride is lifted from the guidebook, The Sound RIDER! Guide to Dual Sport Rides through Western Washington . Pick up a copy online from the Sound RIDER! store. Optional GPS tracks are available with purchase.

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