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Sidecar and Trike Education Program Gets Recognized by State

Locke signs critical bill that will up Three Wheel safety measures

Quietly, and without much announcement or fanfare, Governor Gary Locke signed ESSB 5229 into law on Thursday, April 17th. 

 In effect, what this new law does is:

1) Effective January 1, 2004 the Washington Motorcycle Safety Program is required to offer both Novice and Advanced training to both 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled motorcycles.  The courses must be separate and unique to each type of motorcycle. 

2) It creates two new categories of motorcycle endorsement within WA state.  A "3-wheeled motorcycle only" endorsement, and a "Both 2 and 3-wheeled motorcycles".  It changes the current "motorcycle" endorsement to "2-wheeled motorcycle only". 

3) It mandates that testing for each type of motorcycle endorsement must be separate and designed to test the different skills required of each type of motorcycle.  It also requires that if you desire the "both 2 and 3-wheeled motorcycle endorsement" that you be tested on both types prior to obtaining your endorsement.

To read the bill in its entirety visit 

The Department of Licensing plans to implement this by grandfathering anyone currently holding a "3" (motorcycle) endorsement into the new "both" category.

In addition S/TEP classes will be funded in part by state funds just the way MSF courses currently are. Those funds will be created by way of a $25 three wheel endorsement fee the same way $25 is charged to two wheelers now upon their license renewal.

Dave Wendell of the Evergreen Safety Council was appreciative of the efforts and support that made the bill reality – "It took a bit of effort to get this legislation through, and thanks for that effort goes to the entire Washington RoadRiders Association; and most especially Karen Bolin and Larry Walker without whose knowledge, patience and expertise this wouldn't have happened.  I also want to thank all the sponsors of the bill and those legislators who voted for it; most especially Senator Haugen whose tireless efforts kept this bill from floundering when it could have, and Senator Horn for supporting the bill and bringing it up in his Transportation Committee."

For those in Washington State, it won't be long before S/TEP classes will be just as much a part of the WMSP as MSF classes. 

Editors note:  The term "Sidecar/Trike Education Program" is a copyright owned by The Evergreen Safety Council.

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