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Cafe Veloce

Italian Food, Italian Bikes!

I first read about Cafe Veloce in an issue the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts newsletter, so I hopped on my trusted steed and rode to the Eastside.

Walk in the door of Cafe Veloce and a helmet headed mannequin greets you with a number plate that reads "Please wait to be seated." It's all about motorcycles, racing and Italy from there on!

Cafe Veloce is packed full of Italian motorcycle racing memorabilia including nine classic bikes which are propped up around the room. I took my lunch next to the Blue Ducati. The walls are decorated with color and black & white sport photos, and a display case holds scale models of euro scooters.

The menu tells the story of open road racing in Italy at it's peak during the 50s. After a fatal accident in 1957 when a driver killed himself, co-pilot and 20 spectators during a race the Italian government ended racing in Italy as they knew it then. Slowly but surely the government and fans are beginning to resurrect the sport again.

The anti pasta rivals Bills on Capitol Hill for being a good, "nothin too fancy to wreck it", anti pasto. Their pizza's are small portions, mine was so tasty I ate the whole thing, twice as much as my cardiologist would have preferred. The menu features over 20 pasta's so there's something for everybody.

The culture that Cafe Veloce offers the Eastside is a breath of fresh air. Few places here give you a homey feeling while sharing a bit of history with all who enter. The sound system also blends modern pop with jazz and of course, Italian music.

If you're a motorcycle fan, we know of no other collection of Italian racers like this.  Motorcyclists and members of the Vintage Motorcycle Club are extended a 10% discount on your purchase.

TM/Spring 99

Where: Cafe Veloce 12414 120th Avenue NE, Kirkland
Owner: Liz Calouri (425)814-2972

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