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Where all the bases are covered

On the U.S. side of the Pacific Northwest, we've seen rental outfits come and go over the decades. But in British Columbia, one company, Cycle BC, seems to have it all figured out and is offering one of the most diverse and complete rental and tour options in the region. And those options are available to both local and international customers.

Cycle BC started out as a bicycle and scooter rental outfit in the early 90s, eventually adding motorcycles to their fleet. Over time, motorcycles have become the bread and butter of their business. But, unlike most rental companies that offer primarily cruiser models, Cycle BC offers a diverse lineup made up of mostly adventure and sport touring models.

Are you thinking about purchasing a new bike from Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki, KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, or Triumph? Chances are, if you're looking in the adventure or sport touring categories, Cycle BC may have your desired model(s) available as rentals. If they do, you can rent the preferred model for an hour, a day, a week or more and get a clear idea of what it's like on the road. Much clearer than say, taking a 10-mile test ride.

Or perhaps you have friends visiting from out of town and they'd like to go riding. With more than 25 bikes in their fleet, there's surely something here that would please most riders. And for out-of-towners, carrying gear isn't necessary, since Cycle BC has a complete line up of helmets, jackets, boots, pants and gloves available for renters. And all the bikes in the fleet can be ridden into the U.S. for the rental period.

Bikes are available with hourly, daily, multi-day, and weekend-only rates.

Thinking about touring Western Canada? You can add on one of their self-guided tours that covers many of BC's best routes and scenic attractions. Each self-guided tour includes:

  • Complete itinerary, maps, and recommendation for activities, restaurants and attractions at each stop over.
  • A GPS unit to help guide you on your trip.
  • Accommodation in quality hand-picked hotels.
  • Motorcycle rental and insurance.
  • 24-hour staff assistance.
  • Unlimited mileage/kilometers.
  • Quality riding gear if any of your own is too difficult to pack.
  • Full luggage options for all the motorcycles in their fleet.
  • Luggage storage at their Vancouver location.

The company also will put together a guided-tour for a group if desired.

The best part is, if you're a U.S. citizen, there's no reason you can't shop with them and with the current Canadian dollar you can save about 20% on their pricing, making up for your travel cost to and from the region.

Patrick Thomas/February 18

More information is available at the Cycle BC website at

Listen to the interview with Mik Graf of Cycle BC in the February 2018 Sound RIDER! Show broadcast at

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