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Sidecar and trike conversions with a dash of ingenuity

There are those complacent types just following the rules…painting by the numbers and getting the job done. Then there are those who push the boundaries, create and move a medium beyond its current state. For Jay Giese (geese-e) the later holds true as his innovations in three wheel technology put him one step ahead of the crowd in the realm of trikes and sidecars.

Giese wasn’t always a sidecar enthusiast. He got the bug in the early 90’s when he took his first ride. It was shortly after that he realized he could put these rigs together as well as anybody else and eventually founded Dauntless Sidecars together with his wife, Tara, at their home in Covington, Washington. Since then Giese has built several hundred rigs ranging from standard sidecar conversions to three wheel units used by Hollywood film makers.


Perhaps you’ve never enjoyed the pleasures of a sidecar. Whether you’re operating a rig, or you’re the passenger, sidecars are fun and allow a family of three or four to hit the road together in a single unit (yes Martha – there are really dual seater units out there).

Giese purchased the last 500 Sputnik sidecars from the Russian company last year and may actually begin replicating the units here. As the enthusiasm for sidecars has grown over the years, the call for low cost sidecars for first timers has skyrocketed. Giese can do a simple Sputnik sidecar conversion for under $3,000.

But if you’re looking invest in some of Giese’s own innovation consider stepping up to one of his own fabrications, many of which feature Giese’s unique steering system which actually turns the sidecar along with the front wheel.

Giese also mounts Hannigan, Liberator, Ural and a number of other sidecar outfits. To date he is the only importer of DOT compliant sidecars into the United States.

Need something totally custom?  "Just because we haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean we can’t do it" notes Giese.

Trike Conversions

There are many who feel a trike is for them. Trikes are favored by those who are handicapped and others who just like the look and feel of the three wheelers. More recently Giese added trikes to his line of services and can even add handicap customizations such as hand shifters.


Over the years Giese has been called upon to do some unique work. As mentioned previously, he created a three wheel outfit for the movie industry that held one driver and two cameramen (shown during the 2003 Sound Rider! Motorcycle Display at the Seahawk Stadium Exhibition Center).

But Giese’s innovations aren’t limited to the movie industry alone. Beside his unique rigs and steering systems he has also fabricated and tooled up for a series of trailer hitches that attach to various popular models such as the Goldwings. If it doesn’t exist, he can create it.

Over the years Giese has built sidecar and trike rigs for more than just Harleys and Goldwings. His list is somewhat bizarre and yet impressive including conversions for Bandits, Nighthawks, Guzzis, Triumphs, a CB750 chopper, a Honda Silverwing scooter and more. As for what to go with on your first machine, Giese offers this advice--"If your going to enter into the world of sidecars, choose an older Goldwing or Bandit to get started and take it from there." (Be advised, when converting a new bike to a sidecar, you will likely void your manufacturer’s warranty.)

If you can dream it, Giese can probably do it.  For more information visit the Dauntless Motors Website

TM/Winter 2004

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