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Motorcycle Maintenance Classes

Finally available in Puget Sound

It’s a common question I hear often – "Do any of the dealers offer motorcycle maintenance classes for their customers?" The answer is no.

But Bret Tkacs (say "tacks") and the people at Puget Sound Safety have begun to offer motorcycle maintenance classes designed to provide riders with the simple skills to change oil, understand tire pressure and other low basic service needs.

"Many riders don’t even know where the tool kit is on their bike let alone what to do with it" says Tkacs from his Parkland home near Ft. Lewis. Getting riders over the hump about doing basic tasks is what Tkacs’s classes are all about.

There are two classes available. A Level 1 class instructs students on things like how to adjust the brakes and clutch, lubricate the drive chain properly, service the battery, check fluid levels, change oil, adjust suspension, and learn about motorcycle tires (air pressure, sizing, & construction).

The Level 2 class goes beyond by delving into hydraulic brake and clutch fluid changes, cable lubrication, chain and sprocket replacement, wheel alignment, basic understanding of the electrical system and carburetor adjusts and cleaning.

The classes are open to riders of all ages and owners of all makes and models.

Taking these classes in no way makes anyone a certified technician, but it does give a rider a better understanding of their motorcycle and gets them feeling comfortable with wrenching the bike. These skills can be useful at home or should something go south on the bike while on the road.

Larger jobs such as scheduled major maintenances, motor overhaul and transmission trouble are better left to a certified technician, rather than attempting these tasks at home on your own.

During the Level 1 class students are provided with a book, encouraged to bring in their owners manual and shop manual if they can get one along with their bike. Since all bikes are not created equal, each lesson is explained and then each student reviews the process of the task on their own bike during the class.

Each class is one day and limited to 6-12 persons. The classes are priced at a cost equivalent to about 1 hour of shop labor time.

For more information contact Puget Sound Safety by phone at (253) 531-4585, or visit their website at  Puget Sound Safety also provides state approved motorcycle training courses including the Beginning Rider Course and Experienced Rider courses.

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