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A new moto co-op in Seattle aims to serve

Set to open its doors this month in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, Motoshed is an all new moto co-op built exclusively for motorcyclists. Capitalizing on the share economy explosion, we’ve seen companies like Airbnb, Uber, and We Work take advantage of joint resources with astounding success, all to the great benefit and enjoyment of their customers. So why not motorcycles?

After all, as more and more people move into cities, garage space is being offered at a higher and higher premium and urban motorcycle riders are finding themselves with limited options for both storage and workspace.

Slowly, motorcycle co-ops are starting to appear in major cities throughout the US and, partly inspired by the shared garage space he experienced during his time in the Army, founder John Lovin thought it was time to bring that experience to Seattle.

Located on a back side street in an old boat repair facility, the mid-size complex offers shared garage access, houses several moto-related businesses, an event space, and aspires to be a community hub for shared passion and rider knowledge.

How it works:

With prices still to be determined, Motoshed will offer a tiered membership system, with the most complete level offering bike storage, access to tools and personal tool storage. For those who may live in the area and have parking at home, the co-op will offer a “ride in/ride out” style membership where a motorcyclist can perform routine maintenance, get expert advice, and mingle with fellow gearheads, before taking the bike home at the end of the day. John’s plan is to grow membership slowly, in an effort to both build processes and community, noting that a time slot reservation system is in the works.

What’s available:

The Queen Anne garage space offers a wide selection of professional tools that will satisfy even a seasoned mechanic. In addition to the basics, Motoshed members will have access to oil disposal, a tire machine, tire disposal, drill press, parts cleaners, sand blaster, bench grinder, compressed air, and motorcycle lifts. Plus, you’ll never find yourself in a knowledge jam, as part of the membership includes professional advice from onsite mechanic and Jet City Moto owner Rustin. Of course if for some reason you aren't able to get it done with your own hands, Rustin is also available for hire at a discounted rate for members.

What else is on site:

On its own, Motoshed offers storage, access to tools and expert advice. But within the complex you’ll also find a thriving, independent motorcycle business community. In addition to the aforementioned Jet City Moto (, there's Matthew Larson at Larson Upholstery, making custom seats (, the recently “kickstarted” team at Pack Animal offering classic canvas and leather saddle bags ( and a “to be named” moto-inspired coffee shop and cafe.

Future Plans:

With an emphasis on community and motorcycle knowledge, Motoshed has plans to host both special events and classes. Expect to see seminars for welding, tire changing, carb cleaning, and basic maintenance, all in the near future. As the business grows, Motoshed looks to add both equipment and hours, operating initially on a 5-day week schedule.

Focused on building a character-driven and welcoming environment, Motoshed founder John Lovin notes that it’s all about “If you know a lot, you’re willing to teach it.” Whether you’re a seasoned gear head, motorcycle enthusiast, or new rider, looking to improve your mechanical skills, the roll-up doors are open to you. Just ride on down and share the knowledge.

Derek Roberts/April 2016

For more information, visit the website at or check out their Facebook page.

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