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Hard to Find Parts For Your Vintage Japanese Bike

Terry Kahler and his wife operate a parts business in Port Angeles.  After three years of growing this business on the Olympic Peninsula we think it's high time the locals know about it.  After a failed attempt at lunch during the recent International Motorcycle Show, we interviewed Terry via e-mail.  If you own a vintage Honda Terry may be just the man you've been looking for.

1. What got you interested in selling "hard to get" Honda parts? 
I spent a lot of my spare time advising people where to find parts, so my wife suggested that I do it as a business.

2. How long have you been doing this and how has your business grown? 
I have been doing this for about 3 years. In the first two years, I had a partner, then my wife, Carole, and I bought him out, and have been doing the business by ourselves for the last year. Business has grown to the point where it keeps us pretty busy.

3. What ways can someone reach you to get parts? 
The easiest way is to visit the website at  We can also be contacted by phone (360)452-9043, by fax (360)452-0517, or e-mail at

4. Do you stock new and used parts? 
We try to stick to NOS parts, but occasionally get some used items in.  We like to stay with cosmetic items, but usually end up with a little of everything.

5. Do you buy overstocks from dealers? 
We contact dealers and buy NOS parts that they have had on the shelves since the 1960s or 70s, and sometimes buy from individuals that have old parts.

6. Is your inventory open to the public in Port Angeles? 
Yes, we have folks stop by from time to time, but don't have a showroom as such. More just a parts storage facility.

7. How do you market your business to local enthusiasts? 
Not much of our business is local.  We do have business cards in some of the local businesses, but mostly it's internet sales worldwide.

8. How many Hondas do you personally own? 
My wife claims more than 30, but I think she exaggerates.  You really can't count all the projects waiting to be restored. I might confess to a dozen.

9. Do you have affiliations with other collectors of parts and source your customers needs through these types of partners?
Yes, we are connected to the vintage Japanese clubs, such as the VJMC and the CJMC.  We buy parts world-wide, and have a links section on our website that refers customers to other suppliers.

10. How do you know what you have in inventory? Is there a database someone can view online? 
One can go to our website and see a complete listing of our current inventory. Our inventory changes often, as we buy and sell lots of one-of-a-kind parts.


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