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The answer to poking around for great motorcycle insurance rates

The never-ending saga of the motorcycle insurance industry continues on.

Last year Progressive jacked rates so high in November it looked as though my bill was for two years, but is was really only for one.

Then another player came on the scene offering low rates, only to start turning down riders with clean records in the state because "you don't fit our profile."

It gets a little wacky shopping around and sometimes you'd rather not be doing it alone.

Welcome to Ride West Insurance.Keith Thye and David Swezey at Ride West understand the insanity of the insurance industry right now and have set out to create a far friendlier situation for motorcyclists shopping for insurance.

Instead of plunking around on the web and making multiple phone calls, you can head on over to Ride West's Insurance division in Seattle and sit down with Swezey to find affordable insurance through a number of sources. "People haven't had the opportunity to do this so far in the motorcycle community," notes Swezey from Ride West's Lake City Way location.

Currently Ride West writes policies through four different insurance companies and plans to add more in the future. "It's always an unknown who will come back with the lowest rate and there never seems to be a definitive pattern, so we always request quotes from all our providers" comments Swezey.

While many know Ride West as a dealership of BMW motorcycles, the insurance options are open to ALL motorcycle and recreational vehicle owners. Swezey says there are no limits, "we can get polices for all makes and models here."

When asked about the reason for Progressive's huge increases, Swezey, originally from the automobile industry, notes that it's all cyclical. A company gets into the game, builds a clientele and then increases it's rates once it has a feel for the market. "And that's why it's good to work with someone like us," says Swezey, " because each year we can review your policy against what our other providers are offering and see where the best deal is for you on an annual basis."

So if you're tired of hen pecking the web, and calling 800 numbers for the best insurance rates on your motorsports toys, check in with the insurance department at Ride West.

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For an online quote click here, or call 206-527-5511


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