Sturgisland: Disney and Harley-Davidson create Adult Theme Park

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Sturgisland here we come!

UPI April 1, 2008
Press Release

Disney and Harley-Davidson Announce Joint Venture.

CEO’s Michael Eisner of Disney and Jim Zeimer of Harley-Davidson announced today in Hollywood that the two firms will join forces in a joint venture for a new theme park to be constructed, as Eisner put it, "Somewhere in the west that will exemplify the best of what America stands for.”

Tentative names for the new park are being studied but Chairman Zeimer hinted that it would most likely be called Sturgisland in honor of the small Dakota community, mecca for fans of the popular motorcycle. Eisner stated that weather conditions in the Dakotas prompted the two giants to get together and provide as he put it, "A real down home American experience open 365 days a year.” Zeimer added that,” Now everyone can go to Sturgis anytime they want.”

Details were not specific but both Eisner and Zeimer indicated that the full force of Disney and Harley-Davidson would be behind the effort, including a number of  Harley-Davidson repair shops positioned on major highways to provide service for riders and their machines to, as Zeimer put it, " Take care of our loyal customers in their time of need.”

Eisner commented that with the advantageous position that the GATT agreement provides, all merchandise sold in the retail and souvenir shops would be manufactured in either Beijing or Tijuana, BC displaying a new composite logo featuring Mickey Mouse riding a Harley-Davidson wearing a World War Two style helmet favored by many enthusiasts.

A select few park themes were provided in the press release package, Both Eisner and Zeimer would not comment further, but stated that "What we want to do here is conjoin Disney, Harley-Davidson and the American People in a safe and controlled environment and to break down the myths that motorcyclists are somehow different than regular people.”

According to the press release, the park would be thematic and areas of entertainment would follow the time-tested Disney method of naming the various areas, rides and streets in honor of the Harley-Davidson product line. "In the works," according to the release will be Knuckleheadland, Panhead USA, EVO Alley, Flathead Lane and others to be named at a later date. Futuristic rides and expositions will include "The Magic Mountain Hillclimb and the Hall Of The Presidents in honor of the giant Carvings located in the Black Hills.” A bust of George W. Bush  will be added wearing the popular military style helmet.

For a look at what the new theme park might look like CLICK HERE.

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