NESRA Returns to the Street

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NESRA Returns to the Street

Seattle shuts down for Motorcycle Racing April 31st

Sunday, April 31st will mark the first time ever that parts of Seattle have been closed off for motorcycle racing.

The North End Street Racers Association have obtained permits to close down a stretch of Aurora between Seattle Cycle Center and Aurora Suzuki which will be used for Top Fuel racing during the morning, and other times trials throughout the afternoon.

The entire roadway around the perimeters of Greenlake and Lake Union (above right) will also be closed to regular traffic as well as parts of lower Fremont Avenue (including the bridge), 34th Street and all of Stone Way. By doing so a 15 mile road race course will provide entertainment for sport bike fans from all over Puget Sound and beyond.

"This was no small feat" says Dave Roosevelt from his office at Ducati Seattle, "but once the city knew we wanted to do this as legit as possible, and not on the sly, they were very accommodating and things came together quickly. The hay bailers in Pullman are thrilled too."

In a recent interview with Seattle Mayor Paul Schell, the overworked prominent city figure pointed out - "I've been working real hard since WTO dealing with things like the Teen Dance Ordinance, the Mardi Gras riots and the recent earthquake. It's going to be nice to take a seat along the route and watch these squids cut loose and turn our city into a mini motorcycle Monte Carlo for a day."

Even Governor Gary Locke had some thoughts - "Yeah, I know it was wrong of me to try to end motorcycling in the state last year (Sound RIDER!, April 2000 issue), but since then I've had a real change of heart. Ever since (Scott) Moon up at Eastside Harley got me on a Fat Boy I have not been the same."

Both Locke and Schell bought bikes over the last 12 months and have been spotted commuting for meetings between each others offices via the Hood Canal. "What a great way to ride to Olympia" said Schell in a joint interview between the mayor and the governor. 

Sound RIDER! publisher, Tom Mehren, finds the whole event beyond belief - "Come on, now everyone knows that there's no 31st in the month of April, and even if there was it would fall on a Tuesday. However, I would like to take this moment to welcome all our readers to the April 2001 issue of Sound RIDER!"

A Brief Disputable History of the NESRA's

Long before the days of Open Throttle, The Knight Riders and Bio Hazard, there was a group of motorcyclists who terrorized the streets of Seattle, still known today as the North End Street Racing Association. (this paragraph is true)

Founded by Scott Moon and Eric Marsh in the late 80s, NESRA began as a group of casual riders who primarily rode Honda Hawks, CB400F's and an occasional CB750 eventually grew up to be racers, motorcycle business owners and adults who otherwise entered the real world in their late 20s. Other members included Shawn O'Brien, Dave Roosevelt, Jim Chapman and Greg Froberg. (this paragraph is fairly legit)

There were also those who joined in Occasionally. Names like George Dean (now owner of Seattle Cycle Service) and Steve Giblin (proprietor of European Motorcycles), Jim Boltz (Cycle Barn) and Jim Pelletier (Personal Transport Modules) are just a few names that surfaced during interviews with members (guess which two really didn't ride with them)

The group would meet every Sunday at Seattle Honda (now Seattle Cycle Center) and take long rides out to places like Fort Casey, The Cascades three pass ride, Carnation and elsewhere. (this paragraph was verified by law enforcement officials in all three counties)

Police reports on file show numerous citations handed out in areas such as Carkeek Park, Blue Ridge, Golden Gardens and the Washlli Cemetery on Aurora between 110th and 125th streets. "Scott Moon learned to road race in that graveyard." commented one of the associations members. But these neighborhoods had alternate names back then such as 'Golden Gardens Raceway', 'Blue Ridge Raceway', 'Carkeek Raceway' and Shelly International Raceway. (this paragraph has some truth to it).

Eventually the club went straight, changing it's name to the North End Seattle Racing Association with many members joining up with WMRRA and racing on the circuit between Seattle, Spokane and Portland. Marsh went on to become a top endurance rider, and others have taken winning flags over the years. In 1981 no one would step forward to run WMRRA and the NESRAT's held office for a year. (this paragraph may be disputed if you're talking to a WMRRA historian)  At right:  Freddy Spencer poser alongside Dave Roosevelt with his NESRA shirt

Today the members are now in their 40s. Moon sells Harley-Davidson's at Eastside H-D, Roosevelt sells Ducatis at Seattle Ducati and O'Brien runs Custom Exhaust Specialties in Lynwood. But the club lives on with most members still placing NESRA stickers on the fairings of their bikes today. (all true stuff here)

"It never ended" says Roosevelt - "And that's why April 31st will be such a treat for everyone!

Hunter S. Bukowski/Spring 01

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