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Puget Sound Nudist Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Barely There…Just Don't Stare

Steve Minor has been leading naked motorcyclists on trips around the Sound for more than a decade.  In a rare, exclusive Sound RIDER! interview, he tells all.

Sound RIDER: How Long has the club been in existence?
Minor: Almost as long as the Tacoma Ducks and longer than the Jolly Rogers.

SR: No, what I mean is how long has the club been in existence…Okay - let's move on to the next question. How does someone become a member?
Minor: It doesn't take much. You simply meet up with us for a ride, remove your clothing and ride!

SR: There's been controversy over the helmet law in this state since before it was instated. Where does that leave you with the helmet law?
Minor: We respect the helmet law and do wear helmets when we ride. They might be half helmets, but they are still DOT approved and it helps us from being spotted on day rides. Forget about limbs and appendages, as long as you've got your brain, that's all that matters.

SR: It's illegal to be in public naked!
Minor: See, if a cop sees you without a helmet moving at 60 mph, he knows you don't have one on. But if you pass him at 60 mph with nothing on around the waist, he isn't really sure and typically leaves you alone.

SR: Which leads me to my next question, when do you ride?
Minor: Most of our rides happen in the summer for one obvious reason. There is no set day or time that we ride. The way we do it is if the air temp stays at 70 degrees after 7pm, between the months of June and September, then you go to the website and find out where the meeting point is for that ride and be there by the set time. It's kind of like hurricane season - we don't know when the next one will happen, but there's already a name for it (and a place).

SR: What are some of the places you have ridden most recently?
Minor: Last year there were only two days in the year when the air temp stayed above 70 degrees. The first ride occurred around the Hood Canal and the second was a trip through the Robe Valley to the end of what they otherwise call - the Mountain Loop Highway, which isn't really a loop at all unless you have a dual sport.

SR: So if you venture into the foothills of the Cascades, even though it might be 70 degrees when you leave a place like Granite Falls, doesn't it get a little cold as the ride moves on?
Minor: Yes - and you can see that happening, particularly if some of the women on the ride begin to get…….kinda perky……or the men get reduced to……okra?

SR: Are there events or charities that you support?
Minor: We like to keep this as low profile as we can. In all honesty, no charity wants to be associated with a nudist motorcycle club. Are you out of your mind asking a question like that?

SR: So I guess that means you don't meet at any one dealer every month?
Minor: Well… we thought about asking Mike at Everett Powersports. We thought about that for a minute or so… Dave Roosevelt has a nice room down at Ducati Seattle…but…

SR: O-k-a-y…Well, I was wondering if there are any key people locally who ride with your group?
Minor: I couldn't really tell you that… unless you coaxed me along a little bit…

SR: I understand Bill Farley (former VME press officer) is a member. Rumor has it he was one of the founders.
Minor: Yes, but he would never admit it. Say, …does anyone know the date of the 'Isle of Vashon?' I used to love that ride!

SR: What about Paul Schell?
Minor: You know, the last time I saw Paul he had clothes on, he had a black eye, but he had clothes on nonetheless, so I kind'a think he's not riding with us now?

SR: Any Hooters Girls?
Minor: Are you kidding? They all wear t-shirts (but I did let one of them wash my Harley once).

SR: What about anatomy? Does it get uncomfortable riding without any support?
Minor: Not really. I have a Rich's custom seat which he fitted for me 'after hours.'

SR: Have you ever been out on a ride and had the sky open up?
Minor: Look around son…look where we live…does the pope go to church? Hell yes I've been rained on naked, and it was wonderful!!!!!

SR: Is the club AMA sanctioned?
Minor: Well, yes…it might be…kinda-sorta…but under a different name…and I think we change that alias every few years.

SR: Which means you qualify for insurance when you have club rides?
Minor: Look…you can't get insurance for a ride 57 minutes before you know it's going to happen, so the answer is NO, we don't get the AMA insurance. You ride at your own risk damnit!

SR: What about a racing class? Would you ever want to put forth a request for a racing class within the WMRRA parameters?
Minor: And that's just what they are, parameters, designed specifically to keep us out. You don't think they want everyone in full leathers for safety's sake do you? That whole stipulation about wearing full leathers on the track has more to do with keeping nudist off the course than anything else I can think of.

SR: Do you think the day will come when it will be legal to ride fully naked anytime of the day or night?
Minor: Yeah - like when the $%^&ing lion lies down with the @#$%ing lamb, when oil mixes with water, when two strokes don't pollute our trails - that's when I think that will happen.

SR: How can someone get more information about your club?
Minor: That's easy, they just need to visit:

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