10 next level motorcycle classes in the Pacific Northwest

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10 next level motorcycle classes in the Pacific Northwest

Always keep learning

True motorcyclists know, that riding is about more than the destination. A philosophical quip that will leave many nodding their helmets in agreement, but one that is not accomplished without some dedicated effort. Working to improve your technique and learn new skills is just as important as finding new and exciting places to ride and that’s why here at Sound RIDER! we are always proselytizing the good word of continued rider education. Whether you have decades of time and a million miles under wheel, or are just fresh out of your first Basic Rider Course, here are 10 next level motorcycle classes in the Pacific Northwest.

Intermediate Rider Training - Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety - $150

For riders who have been away from the sport, or those looking to just beef up their experience prior to testing, this 8 hour course covers motorcycle familiarization, skills in shifting and stopping and emphasizes control exercises.

Advanced Rider Training - Team Oregon - $150

A one day course for riders with at least 12,000 miles of riding experience, ART (Advanced Rider Training) pairs 4 hours of range instruction on cornering, braking and traction management, with 2 hours of classroom guidance on risk management, crash causation and judgment.

Side Car/Trike (S/TEP) Training - Evergreen Motorcycle Safety - $125 (WA License)

3 Wheelers are significantly different than their 2 wheeled counterparts and this 16 hour, 2 day basic training course will bring you up to speed on the essentials. Perhaps you’ve been considering adding a hack to your rig or maybe age has you thinking about a more stable platform, either way successful completion and testing can get you your endorsement and out on the road. Class bikes are provided.

1 on 1 Training - Truitt Motorcycle Education - Prices Vary

Not all motorcycle training can be encapsulated in a group class and when your personal experience dictates something more specific, instructor Jesse Murphy, is ready to help. With 20 years of teaching experience, he can take you through maintenance, teach you riding skills or create a custom 1 on 1 course to address your specific needs.

Motorcycle Care and Maintenance Level II - Puget Sound Safety - $150

Knowing how your motorcycle works is just as important as knowing how to work it and if you find yourself doing more head scratching than wrench turning, this class may be for you. In 8 hours, expect to learn more than the basics, with topics ranging from fuel and electrical systems, to valve maintenance and sprocket and chain replacement.

Level II Skill Builder - Dirt Bike Safety Training - $235 with your bike ($335 with theirs)

6 hours of practical skill training designed specifically for off road, riders can expect to build the skills necessary for conquering sand, hills, logs, rocks and ruts. Great for beginner adventure riders, dual sporters or those looking to make the transition from street to dirt.

Track Days in WA & OR - The MotoFit Group - $195-$210 per day

Getting your bike onto a closed course, with no threat of oncoming traffic, is really the only way to learn the full capabilities of your motorcycle. Though often thought of as “race oriented” consider the benefits of traction management while touring winding roads in the mountains or high speed collision avoidance while on the freeway. Track days can make you more comfortable with your bikes limits and if you need a little extra encouragement, coaching is available.

On Street Course - Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety - $199

Range training is important for developing skills and honing technique, but just as critical is developing a road strategy. Moving out of the parking lot and into the “real world” this full day class pairs 4 students with 2 instructors for an active ride that offers personalized feedback and instruction on how to succeed in dynamic riding environments.

Precision Riding Clinic - Idaho STAR - $295

Based on drills from the Idaho Police Motor School, this 16 hour course aims to make you a master of low speed precision and high speed hazard avoidance. For riders with some experience, grow your skills to the next level and learn to put the bike “where you want, when you want, every time”.

Advanced Street Skills Level 1 - Puget Sound Safety - $295

Teaching S-M-A-R-T (Scan, Mark, Adjust, Relax, Throttle) cornering skills, this class is designed for the rider looking to improve their everyday cornering. Noting that one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes is “lane error” (running wide in the corner, etc.) expect technique learned here to become immediately useful when exiting the range. Levels 2, 3 and 4 also available.

Derek Roberts/May 16

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