2010 Motorsports Stock Contest

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2010 Motorsports Stocks Contest

Everyone can play!

With the economy coming around, it's time to consider investing again. But even if you don't have money to invest, you can play our 2010 Motorsports Stocks Contest.

To play, you simply pick 10 stocks that are directly, or indirectly, related to the motorsports industry. The 10 should include a mix of OEM manufacturers (e.g., Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kandi, etc...), energy companies (e.g., BP, Cheron, Repsol, etc..) basic materials providers (e.g., Alcoa, Dow Chemical, etc..) and aftermarket accessory & gear manufacturers (e.g., Garmin, Goodyear, Fairchild Sports etc...). You may also include finance or insurance companies that provide services to the motorsports industry. For the contest you will be buying one share of each.

You may only pick stocks from the NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX exchanges and the PINK sheet as well. Your stocks stand as is from the day you select them and cannot be traded during the 12 month period. Should a stock become delisted, the final sell price will be calculated in the year end value of your portfolio.

All entries need to be emailed in by 1/31/2010. Your choices will be calculated at the rate the stock opened on 1/4/2010.

Prizes are as follows.

  • 1st place: Your choice of 2 passes to Rally in the Gorge 2011 or a gift certificate equivalent for the Sound RIDER! online store.
  • 2nd place: Your choice of 1 pass to Rally in the Gorge 2011 or a gift certificate equivalent for the Sound RIDER! online store.
  • 3 place: A $50 gift certificate to the Sound RIDER! online store.

To play, simply send us an email showing the 10 stocks you've chosen, the trading symbol for each and define how each stock relates to the motorsports industry. See the sample below:

Dear Sound RIDER!,

Here's my 2010 motorsports stock picks:

  1. HoG/ Harley-Davidson
  2. PII/Polaris Industries (makers of Victory Motorcycles)
  3. CTB/Cooper Tire & Rubber Company (manufactures Avon Motorcycle Tyres)
  4. DOW/Dow Chemical (inventors and makers of Kevlar)
  5. REP/Repsol Oil Co
  6. BP/British Petroleum
  7. GMN/Garmin Ltd.
  8. CIE/Cobalt International (mines cobalt used in electric vehicle batteries)

Thanks for a chance to play,

Send your choices to editor<at>soundrider.com with the subject line "2010 Motorsports Stock Picks (sub @ for <at>). Your email will be kept on file and in early January 2011 your portfolio will be tabulated to see if it won. Winners will be announced in the January issue of Sound RIDER! To keep tabs on how your portfolio is doing, you may mirror your choices by setting up your portfolio free online at Yahoo, MSN or Google.

Pick wisely and have fun!

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