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Living in Puget Sound leaves you with a choice to make each fall.  When the sun hides its head and the rain begins to fall, will you ride, or will you park the bike and use another means of transportation to get from point 'a' to point 'b'?

I remember the first fall/winter I rode here in the Northwest. It was indeed a lesson in how to keep dry, warm and ride safe in not-so-safe conditions. Rain or shine you know you're a sitting duck on a motorcycle, but being a cold, wet duck just adds to the extra skill needed to be an all season rider. And yet, it's possible to keep warm and dry on a 40 degree day of rain.

Commuters know what it's like. Over the years they master the art of keeping dry, keeping warm and keeping the senses keen every second of the ride. Today I ride 99% of the time. It wasn't always like that and it wasn't always fun getting to that point, but today I take a little pleasure in being an all season rider. It took three years of riding on chilly, wet days before I overcame many of the obstacles nature lies on the road during the dark months. No one masters this art in one season.

So, if you're thinking about riding your bike this fall or winter, perhaps for the first time, you'll be glad to know that Sound RIDER! has you in mind as you take that journey. Already, our archive has a few features on products and tips you may be interested in reading. Digging through the archive you will find features on electric clothing , what to wear when , and some general safety tips that come in handy rain or shine.

In the coming months, we will be publishing features on new products available, wet weather safety tips, waterproofing what you have and the latest in all season riding accessories. Stay tuned, enjoy what's in the archive now and maybe when the Seattle International Motorcycle Show comes around in December, you just might show up on your bike - rain or shine. Did you know that bikes park for free at the event?  

Ice and snow is another gamble we won't even take a shot at. If it's snowing or icy, please stay off your bike.  

Patrick Thomas/Fall 00

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