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Motorcycle Gear & Apparel Repair

Three companies that can extend the life of your Leather and Textile goods

There’s no doubt anything of good quality you buy for riding is going to be expensive. A good pair of boots, the latest soft luggage or top grade riding pants and jackets. But along the way the inevitable happens… A crash at 70 miles an hour, a worn seam that starts to let water in, a burnt pant leg, on a tail pipe, a  busted zipper – who knows what’s next? So what to do? Toss it and get a new replacement, or fix it and save money. Seattle’s Fremont and Wallingford Districts are home to three companies that collectively can repair all of the above and more, whether it be leather or textile.

You don’t need to live in the Northwest to use their services. All the companies mentioned here will happily take your gear shipped in and ship it back out when it's done.

Photo: Leather pants ready for a trip to Judys in Fremont.

Rainy Pass Repair

4415 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA (206) 523-8135

In 1986 Bob Upton was working for REI, as the company was launching their own in-house brands. Upton noticed there was no one around who could handle repair and warranty issues and left the company to start Rainy Pass Repair in the University District. The company initially handled camping gear repair, but has expanded their offerings into handling full service warranty and repair for companies like BMW Riders Apparel, Rev’it and Gore-Tex.

Bob has since retired to Montana, and the business moved to Fremont. Between your motorcycle gear and camping gear here’s ten things Rainy Pass could do for you.

  1. Repair or replace zippers on your riding apparel or soft luggage.
  2. Patch holes caused by abrasions or burns on textile products.
  3. Alterations, including shortening sleeves and pant legs and taking in gear that is too big.
  4. Modifications such as adding reflective tape, or adding more pockets.
  5. Velcro replacement on jackets, pants and some luggage.
  6. Tent repair including torn flys and broken poles.
  7. Storage bag and luggage repair.
  8. Adding decorative patches or retaining waterproofness, if need be.
  9. Fixing a broken zipper on a sleeping bag.
  10. Launder large items, like waterproof clothing or sleeping bags.

Photo: New Velcro on an old textile jacket courtesy of Rainy Pass

Rainy Pass does a lot, but they don’t do everything. If you ask about leather boot repair, they will send you to Dave down the road in Fremont. Read on…

Dave Page The Cobbler

3509 Evanston Ave N, Seattle WA (206) 632-8686

Dave started his shoe repair business way back in 1969. Since then he’s been fixing just about every kind of sport shoe there is, and motorcycle boots are no exception. Page has a reputation for sourcing the unthinkable – outer soles for motorcycle boots. You think those Sidis are done because the sole is gone? Think again. Dave can get new ones as well as other soles from many major manufacturers. When an outer sole can’t be sourced from its OEM, Dave has a number of other sources to come up with a quality comparable, similar type of sole. Did you know Vibram makes replacement soles for many motorcycle boots?

Photo: Sidi is one of the many soles Dave the Cobbler can assertain for replacement purposes.

Another issue with boots are broken zippers and worn Velcro. Dave specializes in replacement of these things while maintaining the waterprrof ability of Gore-Tex or other products melded in the lining.

Dave can handle boots and do other minor leather repair, but when it comes to the big jobs, he’d rather you head two blocks east and go see Judy. Read on…

Judy’s Leather Repair and Alterations

720 N 35th St, #101, Seattle, WA (206) 633-0406

Did you drop thirty pounds or come off the bike at high speed? Judy Laguerre may have just what you need, without making a costly investment in new gear. Starting off in Long Island, NY, in 1985, Judy headed west in 1999 and opened up in Seattle. Riders will attest to the high quality of her work, often returning their gear in factory new condition. She can also repair torn interior lining and make alterations for better sizing.

Typically she won’t do gloves because it’s labor-intensive and often less expensive for riders to replace them, but when it comes to jackets and pants, you’ll want to check in with her.

Contact each location for hourly rates and specifics for shipping your products to them. Happy fixing!

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