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Beat The Heat

Soak Down That Shirt

95 degrees, but keeping cool at Mt ShastaEver seen a guy all bundled up with his jacket on and a smile on his face - when it's ninety eight degrees outside?

Some riders know the secret to air conditioned riding, some don't. While it might seem more comfortable to take your jacket off when it's hot out, think again. If you like the protection your coat offers you can have it and keep cooler at the same time. Soak down your tee shirt.

This wet tee method actually offers a cooler ride at 90 plus degrees than you'd have if you didn't have a coat on at all. By soaking down your tee your body is able to more easily disperse of it's heat and not have it collect in the fibers of your shirt. Loosen your coat as much as you can and button up the front if you have buttons. With a loose coat and air moving into through the front between the buttons you'll have a real live water cooling system on your body and feel much better rolling down that hot highway.

What about your legs? There's no need to soak your pants, they'll probably get a little wet anyway from the wet tee and your body will be doing a better job of loosing it's overall heat so you'll notice your legs aren't so hot anyway.

As for your head, you can try a wet bandana between you and the brain bucket. But keep in mind; air may not be flowing through there quick enough to make a difference so experiment.

It's a good idea about a half hour before sunset to open up your coat and let your shirt dry out so it won't be wet when the evening temps drop down.

Happy Riding.


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