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What's New On Sound RIDER!

In July we celebrated our third anniversary. Yes, we're still young and growing, but we've come a long way since those few issues of Sound RIDER!

Today we have some of the best writers in the Northwest contributing including David Hough, Simon Pierre Smith, Dave Preston and soon Greg Field. In the fall look for a special feature about all our current writers.

Classified Upgrades

About 18 months ago we revamped the classifieds/preowned section using ASP technology. This has allowed us a simpler way to manage our database and get bikes listed under more than one category when applicable. Today we have over 300 bikes listed on Sound RIDER! This month we're debuting a new section - "Vintage/Classic/Rare" which features some older bikes, as well as some very cool and rare bikes, all for sale here in Puget Sound. You can see it, and all the other categories of locally found bikes at .

There's More in the Sound RIDER! Store

Our store first came online in the Winter of 2001 and sported the Nikwax product line of waterproofing products. Since then we've added some great books from local authors like David Hough (Motorcyle Consumer News), Keith Thye (Ride West BMW) and Helge Pedersen (Globe Rider Extraordinaire). Many of our books are autographed, something you won't get at the local bookshop or other online book stores.

We've also added an $89 digital camera from the locally owned, McGowan Tech, and the ability to pay online to list a used bike, or sign up for various events like the 3 Pass Blast.

You can visit our store at .  We'd like to know what other items you'd like to see in the store and perhaps we can add them before the holidays.

New Services Directory

Our original links pages included single line links for many services in Puget Sound. We've revamped the directory to include more services and include full length descriptions on those businesses who sponsor the site. You'll also be able to link to many of the feature articles we've written over the years on many of these companies. Check it out at .

New Dealer Directory

We've also done a major overhaul on our Dealer and Service directory providing gobs of information, phone numbers, addresses and who provides demo bikes for each and every one of our sponsoring dealerships. For those dealers who currently do not sponsor us, we have still provided their web address in case you want to visit their site. We're listing ALL dealers for Washington State now as well. Tell us what you think by checking out . While you're there be sure to key into the manufacturer field your favorite brand of bike.

New Club Directory

Holy day ride Batman, as if these changes aren't enough, now we've gone and updated the club directory, too!? We're listing every club we know that is current in the state of Washington. Thanks to the Washington Department of Licensing for providing the info they had. We've since gone and updated our original list and theirs to bring together the most current information we know of today. Of course these listings can get out of date, so if you know of more current info, send it over. You can visit the club listing at . The listings can be sorted and filtered to a specific make of bike, or type of club. Tell us what you think!

This doesn't all happen because one person sits at a keyboard and and clacks out the changes. Special thanks to Gracie Mehren, Carl Spurgeon, Greg Field, David Hough, Dave Richardson, Keith Thye, the staff at Nikwax, the clubs who provided current listings, the dealers who put up with countless phone calls to get the listings just so, Lon McGowan, Interland, Bill Farley, and all the readers who have provided feedback over the years. We do this for you, so feel free totell us how we can do it better anytime.

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We've worked hard to upgrade this site. Click here to notify us of any problems we need to correct.


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