Dainese Custo Works Tour comes to the Pacific Northwest

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Dainese Custom Works Tour comes to the Pacific Northwest

Dainese, announces the 8th annual North American tour of Custom Works, which provides fully-customized and made-to-measure motorcycle racing suits, jackets and pants for race and street enthusiasts.

Custom Works draws on Dainese's 45 years of experience in the design and production of personalized leather racing suits. Since its founding in 1972, Dainese has outfitted some of the greatest riders of all time, including Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi. Custom Works makes all of Dainese's innovation and craftsmanship available to motorcycle enthusiasts interested in crafting riding apparel with their own unique fit and style.

The Custom Works tour will visit North American cities where Dainese partners with select Custom Works Certified retail stores. The Custom Works program includes measurements taken by a master tailor who also guides the customer through the process of selecting a base model product, color choices and the wish list of add-ons, logos, special numbers and other options to create a one-of-a-kind Dainese racing suit, jacket or pants.

"Custom Works is really a unique program and opportunity for motorcyclists to own meticulously crafted Dainese apparel that is 100% their own, in terms of look and fit," said Roberto Sadowsky, Executive Vice President, Dainese North America. "We're also proud to be expanding the selection of items available through Custom Works with new suit offerings for both women and men, and new D-air® jackets."

Custom Works now includes a fully integrated, multi-channel experience that begins online with the Custom Works 3D Configurator and continues at the retail location, where the personalized garment is delivered to the customer. The Custom Works process is designed to be fun and engaging, combining the practicality of an intuitive digital configuration system with the craftsmanship of a unique, handmade product. Accessible at Dainese.com, the 3D configurator allows each motorcyclist to personalize his/her leather suit, jacket or pants in real time, with a simple, engaging and interactive digital experience. The customer can see a preview of the garment, change the colors of the various sections, select accessories such as plates and sliders, and upload words and images that are immediately visible on the 3D-rendered garment.

The Custom Works Program offers a deep menu of Dainese one- and two-piece suits, select leather jackets and pants.

Once the online design process is complete, the customer saves the model and books an appointment at a participating retail store. A Dainese specialist will then learn about the customer's specific needs and expected use of the product and take the 24 (25 for women) anatomical measurements necessary to start making the specialized garment. At the Custom Works Certified Centers, customers can experience the technology, feel the materials, and see the finishes and accessories that give life to the most advanced leather suits.

Once complete, the measurements and customization specs are sent to Dainese's production facilities, where each piece is hand-sewn by professionals.

Dainese Custom Works 2019 North American Tour Dates and Locations in the Pacific Northwest:

  • October 18 - MotoCorsa - 2170 NW Wilson St, Portland, OR 97210
  • October 19 - Dainese Seattle - 570 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
  • October 22 - Pacific Motorsports - 21000 Westminster Hwy #2120, Richmond, BC V6V 2S9, Canada

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