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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Belstaff Endurance Leather Motorcycle Boots

These might be the last motorcycle boots you'll ever need to buy. Take top grade waxed, water-repellent full-grain buffalo leather with a waterproof and breathable membrane, add in a sleek design and you've got boots that will take you anywhere in style. And unlike so many motorcycle boots on the market today, the heavy duty Vibram sole is replaceable by better cobblers.

Available from better dealers or direct from Belstaff. $450

The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi

Author Ian Fallon is no stranger in the moto collective world. His many coffee table books about Ducati, BMW, Triumph and other euro badges have mesmerized many a rider on days that weren't made for riding. Over the years he's published multiple books about Moto Guzzi and this year he brings it all together to celebrate 100 years of the Italian line that just keeps ticking.

Available from Target and other book sellers. $60

Sena 50R Comm set

Comm sets have come a long way since they were first introduced at the turn of the century. Today many sets can be paired with others outside their brand and that's not a problem with the latest from Sena. The 50R Mesh 2.0. The list of features is long including Google/Siri connectivity, automatic firmware upgrades using the included Wi-Fi connectivity, HD speakers and more.

Available from better dealers locally. $339 solo, $599 pair

Rusty Kenneficke's 3rd Quarter

Former BMW dealer, Keith Thye brings the third installment of his Rust Kenneficke series. While the series is largely fictional, it leans on the realities he's experienced through life before, during and following his motorcycle shop days.

Available through keithsridese.com. $19 print, $4.95 digital ebook




2021 Café to Café

The Café to Café Grand tour takes riders to 15 tasty restaurants around the Pacific Northwest. Ride to eat and eat to ride! And best of all, each rider determines their own schedule for hitting all 15 locations of a 7-month period. Those who complete all 15 locations receive a customized certificate and well-deserved bragging rights.

For more details and to register, visit soundrider.com/cafetocafe. $49

My Life In Bikes

Author Dave Richardson's multiple decades in the motorcycle business are now encapsulated in two books he recently released. Inside you'll explore the details of his passion for riding, the celebrities he rubbed elbows with along the way, good business deals, bad business deals and all the lessons learned along the way.

Available in print or digital at Amazon. $6.95 digital, $14.95 print each

ZigZag Handlebar bag by Giant Loop

There are some things you want handy, but don't want to carry them on your person. A small tool roll, fix it items like zip ties and rescue tape, and so on. That's when the convenience of a handlebar bag comes in… handy. Central Oregon's Giant Loop had been building quality storage for motorcycles for over a decade and continues to churn our top-grade options like the latest version of the Zig Zag handlebar bag.

Available from Giant Loop and their network of dealers across the world. $55

Adventure Motorcyclist: Frazier Shrugged

Described as "America's # 1 extreme adventure rider," (six times around the world using numerous motorcycle makes and models ), Frazier says of a way to adventure through the Christmas holidays and into the New Year for yourself or your adventure riding pal, "Buy the book for adventuring in lockdown or social distancing. We live in a motorcycle adventure era that makes being an optimist or cheerful difficult, to the point of being absurd. Let's call it the Era Of The Absurd, off the rails."

The limited print collector's edition can be ordered here https://store.soundrider.com/collections/tips-tricks/products/adventure-motorcyclists-frazier-shrugged . $25

Laser Pulse Ultra 1 Tent by Terra Nova

Do you aspire to be the minimalist moto adventurer? How about chucking that 3-7 lb. bag of tent and slip into this one-pound option? Waterproof fabrics, DAC poles and titanium pegs make this a reliable, durable tent that is so light a squirrel could carry it off if you don't keep your eye on it.

Available from multiple online retailers. $400

Spot Trace

Do you forget where yo parked your bike. Even worse, was it stolen. The tiny Spot Trace installs conveniently into a secret location on your motorcycle that only you know, so the the next time your bike goes missing, you can simply crank up the app and find out where it is.

Available from better dealers. $100

Indian Motorcycle Tool Kit by CruzTOOLS

After a recent acquisition, the CruzTOOLS line is starting to show signs of progression. With the update of their BMW roll kit and now the addition of an Indian toolkit, there's something for every rider in the line.

Available at favored dealers and direct from CruzTOOLS. $125

Culinary Overnight Tour

Write down a list of the 10 favorite things you do to enjoy life. If you included motorcycles and dining out on that list, you owe yourself a Culinary Overnight Tour. Simply pick a destination, the number of days you'll be out riding, and plan your travel around excellent food options throughout the day. Or gift the entire tour to that favorite rider in your life.

Available when the time is right. The experience will be priceless.

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