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PNW Moto Coffee Roundup

In recent years, we've seen a number of motorcycle-themed coffee establishments pop up across the Pacific Northwest. And with good reason. Coffee and motorcycling seem to go hand-in-hand somehow, some way. When it's cold out, you simply need to park the bike and warm up a little. When you're working on the bike, having a nicely brewed cup of java on hand makes all the other unexpected issues seem like a piece of cake. And if you just want to take a break and your choices are a corporate stop, or going into a shop with cool moto stuff, many will take the latter every time if it's available. Plus, there's often plenty of eye candy to gawk at just out front, too.

But of course, coffee is just the tease to get you in. Once inside (or on each outlet's website), you can peruse all the merchandise from branded mugs and hoodies, to cups, hats, and more. Because after all, as the mermaid has shown us, you can't survive selling coffee alone.

But in addition, several locations offer service bays customers can rent or use via a membership to work on their bikes in the company of other gearheads.

So, let's imagine, if you will, we're going to ride south to north and visit each location along the way. Beginning on the east side of the Cascades Range with…

Spoken Moto

Located in the heart of old Bend, Oregon, in the Old Mill district, this building is the former location of the Pine Shed and dates back to days gone by. Once inside, you're greeted with a full service coffee bar and a full service restoration operation. While food isn't on the menu, there is a regular rotation of food trucks out front. Now and then the bikes inside are pushed to the sides to make room for live music.

310 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR 97702 541-306-6689

See See Coffee

Many consider See See owner and bike builder Thor Drake to be the founder of the first moto coffee house in the Pacific Northwest. Back in 2009 Drake and friends wanted to create a community space for motorcyclists of all types and the first See See Coffee shop was born. Since then, it's given birth to two more locations in Portland metro. Holding an event in the Portland area? See See has a customized Ural sidecar that can be on site if need be to service your guests. Drake has his hands full with other endeavors, too, such as The One Moto Show and a KTM dealership expected to re-open after the pandemic settles down.

3 locations

Two Stroke Coffee Company

Nestled away in the St. John's neighborhood of Portland, Two Stroke features a moto theme inside. But they take coffee one step further by roasting their own beans as well. You don't need to go there to get your beans, as you can subscribe to a regular delivery of fresh roast each month. The food menu features an assortment of breakfast fare available until 1 p.m.

8517 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203

Revival Motors & Coffee Company

Chop, build, restore, and caffeinate is the go-to motto here at Revival. Owners James Davies' and Audrey Henley's combined backgrounds are steeped in keeping old things alive. It shows as you look around and see how they combine old bikes and vintage décor. Beyond the coffee bar, bikes are displayed and in the back Davies is hard at work making his way through one restoration and build after another. It's been a tough go for these guys getting slammed with the pandemic just one year after opening.

314 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA 98501

Two Kick Coffee

Seattle's first moto-themed coffee shop in the 21st century was The Wick. When The Wick moved to Aurora, the old location became Two Kick. Two Kick is situated next to the Moto Shed, an incubator for small motorcycle upstarts and a vintage bike repair shop as well as a pay-as-you-go work bay rental space for anyone else. On nicer weekends the street out front becomes quite the show as all kinds of bikes arrive with their owners to gawk at others and revel in moto community.

3208 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

The Wick

As mentioned, The Wick began life on north Queen Anne, but headed north up to Aurora to fill the gap between NW Moto and Triumph of Seattle.

7409 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

What about B.C.?

There were two moto themed cafés in British Columbia. Sadly, Jammer Café Motors was lost in 2019 and Rocket Fuel Supply proceeds with an appointment only format.

Did we miss one?

Do you know of a motorcycle themed coffee shop in the Pacific Northwest not listed here? Drop us an email using the link below.

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