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After a 3-year break due to COVID and other considerations, Snowcamp will be back this coming January.

The last Snowcamp prior to COVID was the 24 th annual one. COVID interrupted plans for the 25th edition for a couple of years and we considered letting it just fade away entirely, but the question, "Whatever happened to Snowcamp?" kept popping up, and we decided we couldn't let it end with a whimper.


Announcing the 25th Anniversary Snowcamp Grand Finale - January 12-15, 2024, at the Sahara Creek Horse Camp (between Elbe and Ashford on SR 706). For those further away, that's in Washington state, near Mount Rainier National Park.

It's one last chance to be cold and miserable with like-minded fools, and to do the things Snowcamp is known for. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): Chicken fried bologna, beer artillery, deep-fried turkey, a BIG fire, more food, attempts to reach Paradise (you can take that however you want, but we try to ride there), more food, all manner of motorcycle-related foolishness, more food, and (did I mention?) A BIG FIRE! Area 51 may make an appearance again, if we can still figure out how to put it together. And, this being the GRAND FINALE, there may be a surprise or two, you never know with Snowcamp.

Officially, there's a chili feed Friday evening and a pancake breakfast each morning, but there's always lots of other food. We never know exactly what since that depends on what's brought, but we've never gone hungry. We now have both an infrared and a deep-fat turkey frier, so there will be a comparison fry-off for sure. The event turns into a giant potluck, food contributions are appreciated but not required.

The event itself is FREE. However, the Horsecamp venue is a Washington Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) property, so a Discover Pass is required for all vehicles. Experience indicates that someone will come through and check for them. The fine for not having one is $99, so it's much better to get the pass rather than the ticket. Passes are available online and at local vendors. Get more info at

We don't care if you come by bike, car, motorhome, or Starship Enterprise, we just want you to BE THERE! The Horsecamp has lots of room. Since it's close to Mt. Rainier, there are also numerous lodging opportunities for the less-hardy available in the general vicinity.

What to bring - warm clothes, tent, camper, or other sleeping facility, food, drink, and (if you have a vehicle with enough room) some firewood. Firewood will be provided, but we can always use more - we like BIG FIRES.

For more information, contact:

Rolf-Immo Gabbe - , 253-770-3749

Joe Rogers - 253-312-5810

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