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Road Trip GPS Tour: NEW DATES September 14-18 2020

The North Cascades Super 8

There is a route, The North Cascades Scenic Loop. Perhaps you know it. And if you've lived in the Pacific Northwest for any length of time you may have ridden the entire loop, or at least parts of it. Typically, riders ride it in 1-2 days, foregoing the time needed to sight-see along the route.

That loop itself is straight forward. US2, US97, US 20, done. The extended version includes a visit to Whidbey Island. But the route itself does not include many of the fun side roads, overlooks and history there to explore.

So… what if there was an extended version of this route that incorporated time to sightsee and learn about the area better, as well as some of the ultra-fun and historical sideroads that abound around the main arterials? Say 'hello' to the North Cascade Super 8.

For five days in June we'll tour the interior, west, and east sides of the North Cascades. Each day there will be ample time provided to explore interpretive sights, museums, panoramic views, and much more that is simply missed while trying to complete the loop in 1-2 days. Our version takes the route from its typical 400-mile version to 700 miles. Divide that by 5 and your average daily distance in the saddle is only 140 miles. No 300-mile day burn-outs here.

All roads are paved. Here's a brief overview of this year's tour:

Monday, September 14

After a relaxing evening in the historic town of Snohomish, we head east for our lunch destination. Our route skips over US 2 wherever possible in favor of scouting out the agricultural lands along the west foothills of the Cascades. After a side trip up a historic old highway, we ride over Stevens Pass taking an ancillary route to our lunch destination in the Bavarian outpost of Leavenworth.

The afternoon takes us to Wenatchee via the Ohme Gardens (oh-me, oh-my) and a patchwork of sideroads designed to keep you away from the motorhomes, soccer moms, and truck traffic. Dinner is at one of the finer restaurants in town, or you can opt for another recommendation using the tour book you'll get when you arrive in Snohomish Sunday night.

Tuesday, September 15

Whoever called the scablands 'the doughnut hole' (nothing exists there) doesn't actually have much experience exploring the region. But we do and a proper tour for you is in order. This includes a panoramic view of the Columbia River few ever take in, a geology lesson along the way, and some roads you probably never dreamed of exploring. Today's history lesson includes information about a fur trade post that is now under water. The afternoon includes a ride over a fire-ravaged area and into the western town of Winthrop, with an optional ride up to a crow's nest view not to be missed.

Wednesday, September 16

Today we ride one of the best sections of US 20 early in the day when traffic is low. Of course, you can take in the panoramic view at the Pacific Crest trail crossing, then continue via backroads to our lunch destination at a horse ranch. The afternoon includes a serpentine romp to our overnight destination, where a police chief was once salaried at $20 a month, plus $2 for each arrest.

Thursday, September 17

You can't actually say you did the entire Cascades Loop without incorporating Whidbey Island into your route. But, oh, the bordom of SR 525 and US 20. We can do better than that - and we will as our route hugs coastlines of the island and stops for lunch in a seaside town before winding our way into the Madronnas for our evening overnight at a historic inn complete with its own restaurant.

Friday, September 18

This is a super 8. In order to complete the route, we'll connect together a satchel full of backroads, ultimately ending with lunch in the same place we started 5 days ago.

Come join us for a wonderful week of riding and exploring.

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About Sound RIDER! Road Trip GPS Tours

Sound RIDER! has been leading GPS tours through the Pacific Northwest since 2005.

Each tour is designed to take riders through new places they may not have been and provide the best roads through each area, each day. Background of places visited throughout the day is provided in the tour book.

Tour books and GPS uploads are provided during check-in at the designated location where the tour begins. Often we provide early check-in the evening before as well.

Riders may opt to follow a guide, or stretch out and relax using their GPS unit to lead them to all the important stops. Riders are encouraged to travel at their own pace.

Above: A starter salad at the R+D Kitchen in Napa Valley. One of several high end restaurants we visited during the 2015 tour route.

Typical days are 150-350 miles depending on see-and-do attractions and distance between each day’s destinations. From time to time, we provide a loop day where riders begin and end in the same location. These days are typically shorter distances and won’t involve checking in or out of your hotel/motel or other accommodation.

Tours run Monday through Friday, providing two weekend days of travel time to and from the start and end points if you live locally in the Pacific Northwest. If you live further out, it may be possible to rent a bike within one or two days of the start destination.

Tours are limited to a maximum of 40 riders. The sooner you register, the sooner you ensure your spot on the tour.

Once you’ve registered for the tour, you’ll be sent an itinerary recommending each day’s accommodations which you will then book directly. There is no travel agent or middleman in between. Options typically include motels, hotels, camp sites when possible, and B&Bs where appropriate. Riders may book beyond the suggested listings.

A designated location is available each evening where riders can gather to share stories from the day and discuss the following day’s highlights. We note these in the itinerary so you can book at, or near, the location if you so desire. These are nice times to make new friends and find others to pair up with during the tour.

A GPS and the skills to use it are obviously necessary to ride these tours. Use our handy GPS Tips & Tricks article to be sure you and your GPS are ready to go. If you’re not sure how to manage routing in your GPS, don’t attempt a trial-by-fire scenario thinking we can teach it all to you the night before the ride. Read the tips link and get yourself up to speed.

Riders of all makes, models, and types of street legal motorcycles are welcome to register and ride the tour. BMW, Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Honda, Piaggio, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and more. We love ‘em all!

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If you have questions, feel free to call or text us at 206-650-9102.

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